Charles Benninghoff: Soros Puppet Paul Ryan Must Be Fired

No other treasonous Quisling poses more danger to ‘America First’ than Paul Ryan who was the largest GOP recipient of globalist George Soros’ cash in 2016. Patriots must help de-throne Paul Ryan with our Privileged Motion to Vacate the Speaker’s Chair.

We are making a difference in chipping away at Paul Ryan’s support within the GOP caucus and I believe we can send Paul Ryan packing if we keep the pressure on Congress… just as we booted former House Speaker John Boehner out of office.

Paul Ryan is a globalist and he is bought and paid for by globalists and at the head of the pack of Ryan’s globalist supporters is George Soros.

According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, Paul Ryan received more campaign cash from Soros Fund Management executives than any other Republican in Congress, totaling $10,800 last year.

For example, last week Paul Ryan stated that he is not going to fund the wall on our southern border.

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Paul Ryan is just too busy to implement the number one policy objective of the Trump administration – and the platform that got Trump elected – building THE WALL.

But, for his own sovereignty Ryan has built his OWN WALL.

Ryan has a big, beautiful, strong, protective, daunting WALL around the borders of his own mansion in Wisconsin.

Ryan does not want a wall on America’s southern border to protect us from drug cartels, Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens who walk into the USA with impunity.

Go to our Action Page today and start sending Personal Letters to the House Freedom Caucus, the entire GOP Caucus or the entire Congress.

Let them know that you want a new Speaker of the House — a true patriotic American Speaker of the House!

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