Charles Benninghoff: The Fix Is In – UN Beheads Israel – Defund United Nations!

70 world leaders head to Paris to behead Israel and give its carcass away to hordes of Islamic terrorists. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has introduced the strongest UN defunding bill yet and you can support HR 373 at Patriots must demand that Congress defund now because a UN resolution to destroy Israel is expected before Jan. 20 Trump inauguration!

Seventy globalist leaders including Secretary of State John “Swiftboat” Kerry are headed to Paris on January 15th to try to behead Israel like an ISIS prisoner-of-war and give its carcass away to the 57-Muslim nations that control the UN through their sheer numbers.

Just wait until you hear the demands that the Muslim dictators hope to force Israel to comply with in this meeting.

In response, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas has introduced the strongest bill yet to completely GUT the United Nations of all US taxpayer funding.

I’ll tell you how and why you should support Gohmert’s Bill, HR 373, that withdraws all voluntary and assessed US payments to the UN, so stay tuned.

Following up vote on UN Resolution 2334, the stated reason that these 70 globalist leaders are headed to Paris is to advance the one-sided “… peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians…” who more often that not fill the role of terrorists.

Did you follow that?

The UN has declared Israel to be guilty of international war crimes and NOW all of a sudden, the UN is going to force Israel to submit to quote-unquote peace with the Palestinian terrorists.

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Here is the list of demands that the UN has for Israel in this meeting, which was published in an Israeli newspaper:

First, the 70 nations will only recognize the pre-1967 borders. In other words, Israel has to surrender territory it has owned for 50 years to comply with the UN mandate.

Second, the group commits to two states, Israel and Palestine, and the two nations will, quote, “Live side by side in peace and security.” End quote.

And finally, the group of globalists will demand that Israel publicly renounce any of its elected officials who do not support a two-state solution.

What this does, of course, is to create a nation-state out of the rabble now comprising the terrorist hotbed called Palestine.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Paris talks are rigged by the Muslims and I have to agree.

Here is why this is really dangerous for our only ally, Israel, in the Middle East.

After this meeting in Paris on the 15th, the UN and Obama will still have five days to kick around Israel before Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony.

The list of demands I just read to you is the RESULT of the meeting in Paris, which has not happened yet.

After the meeting, those results will be announced by the UN globalists.

They have already decided in advance that they want to chop Israel up and give the bits and pieces to the Palestinians.

It’s time to cut them off completely.

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That’s what Louie Gohmert’s bill does – it completely ceases all funding to the UN.

That’s why we need to support it. We need to flood Congress with Personalized Letters and phone calls right now.

We need your help to do it, so please, go to our Action Page today and add your voice to the chorus of American patriots demanding that our tax dollars no longer fund the UN.
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