Charles Benninghoff: Trump Wants Muslim Brotherhood Outlawed

President Trump agrees 100% that the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization yet Congress has not passed HR 377 to declare it a terror group. Patriots must speak out in support of Rep. Diaz-Balart’s (R-FL) Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.

The two leaders are 100% in agreement that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group and a threat to the world.

But, Egypt has banned the Muslim Brotherhood from operating within its borders while the United States still allows MB members to plague our country with hateful rhetoric and terrorist pandering.

That means this is the perfect time for American patriots to demand that Congress finally follow through and designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

You have to ask some serious questions when thinking about this issue.

When the international community and the President agree that a foreign organization is a terrorist group worthy of being defeated and driven out… why is Congress taking so long to act on this issue?

In fact, Senator Grassley was summoned to the White House for two separate closed-door meetings with Obama and it appeared that he was ready to cave in and bring Garland up for a confirmation vote.

Obama had, of course, nominated yet another anti-Second Amendment, freedom-hating judge in Merrick Garland.

And I’m very happy today to let you know that just a few hours before I sat down to record this video, Justice Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the newest judge on the US Supreme Court.

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The group’s motto is… “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish.”

The statement, “The Quran is the Constitution” should make everyone sit up and take notice of this group.

It is not a peaceful community organization as Barack Obama described it through the eight years of his pro-terrorist regime.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has described the Muslim Brotherhood as, quote… “The key foundation stone for Sunni terrorism that spawned both Al Qaeda and ISIS” (including IS and ISIL and all other common names) and an organization that Obama and the Clintons threw billions in US currency at so it could destabilize democracies and pro-American governments in the Mideast.

In his visit with President Trump, President El-Sisi described the brand of terrorism that the Muslim Brotherhood espouses as “a satanic ideology.”

President Trump voiced the United States’ support for Egypt as an ally in the fight against the Muslim Brotherhood and its surrogate groups, including Hamas, Al Qaeda and ISIS.

El-Sisi’s visit also included talks with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce.

He also met with Mitch McConnell and other Senate committee leaders.

The sole subject in El-Sisi’s talks with Congress was the Muslim Brotherhood and the threat that it poses to the Middle East.

HR 377 now has 46 co-sponsors in the House. It only had 20 co-sponsors in January but through our grassroots activism, we have added another 26 supporters.

Now that President El-Sisi has made the rounds speaking to Congress and President Trump has expressed his support to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood, it is the perfect time for us to demand that Congress follow through and pass this bill.

HR 377 directs the State Department to declare that the Muslim Brotherhood is an international terrorist organization.

When HR 377 becomes law, membership in the Muslim Brotherhood will be automatic grounds for deporting foreign operatives, including many federal employees who were given “deep state” jobs by the Obama administration.

The United Arab Emirates just sentenced a Muslim Brotherhood operative to 10 years in prison, according to Gulf News, because the man was setting up propaganda websites and social media accounts to stir up unrest in that country.

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Russia has banned the Muslim Brotherhood as well and Great Britain has an effort underway to kick its clerics out.

Why hasn’t Congress taken action by declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group?

I think it’s because of fear of CAIR and other groups that will publicly call them racists if they speak out against it.

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