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Barack Obama's lawyers are arguing against the families of American victims in federal court -- claiming that it would be too burdensome for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to pay damages for Americans who were killed overseas by suicide bombers!

This is the first time in US history that the federal government has argued against its own citizens in favor of Islamic terrorists!

The mainstream media will NOT publish this information so we need your help!

Bob Mallory, TreasurerBob Mallory, Treasurer
Please give the most generous contribution you can to Save Our Flag™ today so we can launch a Facebook marketing offensive and let millions of Americans know that Barack Obama is siding with Palestinian terrorists -- instead of American citizens!

Eleven American families lost members to suicide bomber attacks in Israel between 2001 and 2004. A federal judge has ruled that the PLO and the Palestinian Authority (PA) must pay the American families $650 million since they funded the suicide bombers that killed our citizens (and are still paying the families of the bombers).

The PLO wants to appeal the judgment but under US law it must post a bond of 10% ($65 million) to do so.

Obama has sent his attorneys to argue that this bond is too expensive for the PLO and the judge should waive it. American citizens do not receive this benefit when found guilty for civil damages -- but Obama believes that these Muslim terrorist organizations should not have to pay damages!

We believe that public outcry would be so great (IF the public knew about this) that Obama would back down.

This is why your support is needed so that Save Our Flag™ can alert the American people to Obama's support of Islamic terrorist groups! Please use the form to the right to make a contribution today!

We are fighting this issue because of Barack Obama's proven 6-year track record of supporting Muslim terrorists while throwing the American people under a bus.

We believe that Obama's ultimate goal is to replace the red, white and blue of the stars & stripes with the black and white death banner of ISIS and he will not stop until he accomplishes this!

Save Our Flag™ will use your generous contribution today to help publish the facts of Obama's support for Muslim terrorists so that millions of Americans will finally know the truth!

Thank you again for everything that you have done!


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