Conservative Coupon Code System

By:Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/01/2014   Grassroots is expanding its initiative by helping clients like Pray For US contend with the current state of economy by launching its Conservative Coupon Code system. Monday February 3, 2014 the system commences and you will be able to send FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus at no charge.

The “Coupon” was created because there are many, many people out of work, even more are under-employed and retired folks are being forced to live on smaller-and-smaller pensions due to inflation.  I know Obama denies there is inflation, but I go shopping too and know there is.

You may remember our  Freebi campaign system. It was deployed on a weekly basis and was extremely popular with our followers. Unfortunately, when the word got out about the Freebis, some left-wing socialists with too much time on their hands started abusing it. They were using fake email addresses by the thousands in order to cause us as much trouble as possible. When all of the thank you emails that were sent bounced, our email reputation sank ominously. Hence, the Freebi is gone! Using coupons, you will still be able to send FaxGrams to elected officials at no cost or obligation.

On Monday morning you will receive a campaign from us containing your Conservative Coupon Code. You’ll be able to use that code on the campaign page to send FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus at no charge. Also, you’re welcome to share that code with as many of your family members, friends and acquaintances as you wish.

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How to Use Your Conservative Coupon Code:

Here are the instructions for using your Conservative Coupon Code (and don’t worry, we’ll include these instructions again on Monday in your email).

1.  Locate the code in Monday’s newsletter from Pray For US (it will be easy to spot).
2.  Write the code down or highlight it with your mouse cursor and hit Control-C on your keyboard to copy it.
3.  Click the link in the newsletter to travel to the campaign page.
4.  Look at the right-hand column on the campaign page, under the heading labeled, “Please Select Program.”  At the bottom of the list of donation amounts, you will see a new option which says, “Enter Coupon Code.”  Select that option.
5.  Type the Coupon Code there or press Control-V on your keyboard.
6.  Enter your contact details and a valid email address, plus the 4-digit Captcha Code.
7.  NOTE:  As always, you can edit your FaxGram message any way you wish.
8.  Then:  “Click To Send.”

One final note of instruction: You may receive a verification email which contains a link in it.  Folks who are known to us generally do not receive a verification email.

If you do receive a request for verification, you must click the included link to verify that you are using a valid email address. Once you do that, you’re done!

Once again, you will receive your next campaign from Pray For US on Monday morning, February 3, so look for that in your inbox.  That message will contain your Conservative Coupon Code for the campaign, so it won’t cost you a dime to participate.

Image of Pray for US Pray for the United States Contribution Frame Image

What we ask in return is simple:  support us when you can!  We pay with the proceeds of our joint efforts for all of our staff, equipment charges, our hour-long radio program on Christian Talk Radio KBRT AM 740 on the West Coast along with the crew dedicated to making our church grow through syndicating more AM radio stations. And, as always, Keep the faith!


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