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Contempt Of Congress Vote For Lois Lerner Scheduled: Congress Must Vote YES!

Vote Scheduled:
GOP Must Not
Cave To Obama Again!

The House Oversight Committee has scheduled a Contempt of Congress vote for former IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner for this Thursday.

Lerner was the Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations office, who was proven to have waged a campaign to silence conservative Christian political groups in order to sway the 2012 elections in favor of the Democrat Party.

If Lerner is held in contempt, she can be compelled to finally testify about what she knows. Many believe that her orders to shut conservative Christian groups down came directly from the White House and possibly from Obama himself!

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
The vote in the Oversight Committee is going to be very, very close.

If we hope to ever learn the truth about the IRS scandal, Lerner must be compelled to testify through this contempt vote. Please send FaxGrams to the Oversight Committee today -- or to as many House Members as you can -- and demand that they vote in favor of holding Lerner in contempt!

We will never get to the bottom of this scandal if Lois Lerner is not compelled to testify about what she knows.

Eric Holder's InJustice Department refuses to investigate. Here we are 11 months after this scandal broke and to this day, the FBI has not interviewed any of the victims of the targeting operation.

The current acting head of the IRS says it will take "at least a year" to track down one month's worth of Lerner's subpoenaed emails.

Obama says there was "not a smidgen of corruption" from the IRS in this "phony scandal."

If that is true, why were the only groups that had their non-profit status delayed until after the 2012 elections conservative Christian and Tea Party groups?

Why did Obama's own brother apply for tax exempt status for his phony Muslim Brotherhood/Barack H. Obama Foundation and have it PERSONALLY signed and approved by Lois Lerner in less than 30 days?

This is why your FaxGrams are needed RIGHT NOW. You need to tell every Member of Congress to hold Lerner in contempt!

The biblical commandment, "Thou shall not steal," applies to governments as well as men and women. What Lois Lerner and the IRS did amounts to theft.

The conservative Christian groups that were targeted by Lerner were prevented from raising money. And let's not forget, Lerner carried out this entire operation in order to steal the 2012 elections.

It's time for the House of Representatives to set aside politics and hold Lois Lerner in contempt. This tactic has worked every time in US history when it has been carried out.

In some cases, just the threat of a contempt of Congress vote has been effective in gaining compliance from a bureaucrat who refuses to testify before Congress or to turn over relevant subpoenaed documents.

You must send FaxGrams to the Oversight Committee immediately and urge them to hold Lois Lerner in contempt! We cannot afford any defections from the GOP for political reasons if we are to learn the truth about this scandal!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US

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Darrell Issa
2347 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Issa:


Lois Lerner's own emails show that she carried out a campaign of intimidation against conservative Christian groups in order to sway the 2012 elections.

The IRS is not a political weapon that can be used against the American people. Lois Lerner's actions were despicable, but we only know part of the story at this point. You have to compel her to testify fully in order to learn the truth.

Who ordered her to carry out this campaign of intimidation? Who knew about this in the White House?

We'll never know unless you compel her to testify!

Every single Member of Congress should vote to hold Lerner in contempt. Today the IRS is being used to target conservative Christians but tomorrow it could be progressive Democrats who are targeted.

I urge you to vote YES when the contempt of Congress vote is held against Lois Lerner. Anything less at this point would be a betrayal of the American people and our Constitution.

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