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John Boehner Surrenders To Obama Again - Time For A New Speaker!

Time For A New
Speaker of the House!
John Boehner Must GO!

John Boehner has already surrendered to Barack Hussein Obama in the next fight over the debt ceiling, which is scheduled to take place this fall. He actually surrendered in May, which we will explain below, but he has remained silent about his plans since then.

It is time to replace John Boehner with a Speaker of the House who represents the conservatives who elected a Republican majority in that body of Congress.

Charles Benninghoff, Founder of Pray For USCharles Benninghoff, Founder of Pray For US
That means Boehner must go!

The only victories that we have had over the Obama regime's tyrannical second-term plans have been in the Senate.

Help us push for a leadership change in the House of Representatives! John Boehner has surrendered to B. Hussein Obama's agenda far too many times! You can send your faxes to the House Oversight Committee, which is loaded with anti-Boehner conservatives, or to the entire GOP caucus.

The latest outrage that Mssr. Boehner has perpetrated on America was an act of silence.

As reported this week, the reported amount of the federal debt has remained at exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for the past two months. That is just $25 million short of the legal debt limit.

On paper, it appears as if the federal government has spent no money in the past 60 days.

The reality is that starting in May, the Treasury Department began borrowing money by selling Treasury Securities - more than $52 billion in debt has actually been added since May.

John Boehner has known this for the past two months and has not said a word about it!

Why has he been silent? Because Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sent Mssr. Boehner a letter on May 17, informing him that the Treasury Department would be enacting this set of "extraordinary measures" that would allow it to continue borrowing and spending ABOVE THE LEGAL DEBT LIMIT!

John Boehner is a coward who has allowed the Obama regime to continue expanding our national debt - which amounts to tax increases on future earnings by our children and grandchildren. His ineffective, one-world government track record of appeasement amounts to treason against our nation and against the voters who elected a conservative majority in Congress.

The Obama regime's actions have rendered out laws, our Constitution and the legislative branch of government powerless - and John Boehner has done nothing to stop it!

Send your FaxGrams to Congress today. Demand that they hold a 'no confidence' vote in John Boehner and force him out of the Speaker of the House position.

Proverbs 22:7 tells us, "The rich rule over the poor; and the borrower is a bondservant (a slave) to the lender."

In the letter that Mssr. Boehner received in May, Obama's Treasury Secretary informed him that there would be NO NEGOTIATION over the debt ceiling increase this fall.

Secretary Lew told Boehner that the Obama regime was going to a) break the law by spending over the debt limit, and b) he was going to shut up about it and raise the debt limit for them again in a few months.

Boehner complied and he hasn't said a word about it in 60 days.

We'll know that the fix is in when Boehner starts talking tough about the debt limit next month and then has another fancy dinner or golf outing with B. Hussein Obama to "negotiate" on the debt limit.

America deserves a conservative Speaker of the House who will stop making us all debt slaves to communist China and to the Wahabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Please send your faxes to the House today. Tell them America demands a new Speaker!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - An Online Christian Outreach Ministry


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Justin Amash
114 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Amash:

House Speaker John Boehner received a letter from Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on May 17th that informed him of two very disturbing facts:

That the Treasury Department would be cooking the books in order to borrow and spend above the federal debt limit, and That there is nothing that Congress can do to stop them and that there would be NO NEGOTIATION with conservatives regarding spending cuts when the debt ceiling increase comes up for debate in September.

John Boehner has said nothing publicly in response to the Obama regime's admission of lawbreaking and threatening demands toward him. In other words, he has already caved on the debt ceiling.

Americans elected a conservative majority in the House of Representatives for a reason. And that reason was NOT to allow the House Speaker and the Executive Branch to continue to make us all debt slaves to communist China and Saudi Arabia.

John Boehner must be replaced as Speaker of the House. He has been powerless and ineffectual in stopping B. Hussein Obama's radical agenda for America, in spite of the House of Representatives having the power to do so.

Please do everything in your power to replace Mssr. Boehner. Demand that he step down and if he refuses, ask for a "no confidence" vote within the Republican caucus!

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