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We Must Sway 8 Senators to Defeat Amnesty - Fax The Senate NOW!
60 Votes Needed
To Pass Amnesty!
Tell Them NO!

The final Senate vote on Scamnesty, S. 744, which will "legalize" 11 million illegal aliens, will take place either today or tomorrow.

It needs 60 votes to pass - and 67 Senators voted to advance the bill on Monday. We have to convince 8 more Senators to vote NO on amnesty!

Charles Benninghoff, Founder of Pray For USCharles Benninghoff, Founder of Pray For US

Please send FaxGrams immediately to the US Senate. Demand a NO vote on S. 744, the Gang of Eight Criminals' amnesty plan, when it comes up for a final vote!

This is our last chance to make sure that the Senate hears the will of the people on amnesty. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been meeting with House and Senate leaders this week to make sure that they ram his amnesty plan through before the end of summer.

If we don't stop this bill in the Senate - right now - the Republicans in the House have indicated that they will pass it. John Boehner has said he'll work with the minority to pass it and Paul Ryan has been pushing for its passage in the House.

If this bill becomes law, criminal groups that pose as "community organizations" will be screening illegal aliens for entry into this country.

Muslim Brotherhood front groups will be screening illegals for amnesty.Muslim Brotherhood front groups will be screening illegals for amnesty.
That means hate groups like La Raza, which wants to "reclaim" the southern US as Mexican territory, and front groups that raise money for the Muslim Brotherhood, will be deciding which criminal illegal aliens get to stay in the US!

These groups that hate America will be deciding which illegal aliens are "fit" to remain in the country!

Stop "Scamnesty" NOW! Send your FaxGrams immediately to the Senate and demand a NO vote on S. 744!

Amnesty supporters are claiming that this is a path to citizenship that will take place over a 13-year period.

Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the few Republicans with the courage to stand up against this bill, says "Not so. Not so at all. Not even close!"

Sen. Sessions says that under the bill, every illegal alien will have a social security card within a few months! And then they'll be eligible for social security benefits, welfare, food stamps and state-level benefits. He says, "It's virtually immediately. It's not 13 years."

Scamnesty will destroy America as we know it. The 50 million Mexican socialists that this bill will recruit for the Democrat Party will NEVER vote for conservative, Christian politicians.

This bill will establish a permanent Democrat majority in the US - we will NEVER be able to elect a righteous candidate to office, EVER if this passes.

The Senate MUST hear from you today! We need to convince 8 Senators to switch their vote so we can defeat amnesty in the Senate - it is that close!

Donations are needed to help us sustain this fight! It has been a long and difficult battle in the trenches this week as we've been working to defeat amnesty. Please consider a contribution to our ministry today in addition to the cost of sending your faxes.


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - An Online Christian Outreach Ministry


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Tom Coburn
172 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Coburn:

Please vote NO on Barack Obama's Scamnesty plan, S. 744!

This bill confers immediate citizenship on 11 million people who broke our laws. That is a slap in the face to every law-abiding American, not to mention the millions of people who have waited for years to LEGALLY be allowed to come here.

People who come here from socialist countries like Mexico will NEVER vote for conservatives. If Barack Obama's Scamnesty passes it will spell doom for the Republican Party and doom for the American Republic itself.

Independence Day is coming up next week - but we will no longer be a sovereign nation that can celebrate its independence if you give our sovereignty away through this bill.

Vote NO on S. 744!

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