Defeat the Democrat DACA Amnesty

Illegal Aliens captured border daca amnesty

Several House Republicans have lined up to support amnesty for Obama’s illegal alien “Dreamers” even as a new report proves that illegals are a $135 billion drain on the American taxpayers every year.

Everyone must speak out to the GOP and persuade them that they will be “primaried” like pro-amnesty Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) next year by patriotic Americans if they cast a vote in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens. (Strange was gloriously defeated in the Alabama primary by Judge Roy Moore this week!)

Faithful participation in our campaigns is the way that Pray For US is able to bring you vitally important pro-America breaking news to preserve Faith, Family and Flag so click HERE to urge Congress to reject amnesty for Barack Obama’s illegal alien Dreamers!

The House Democrats have picked up five Republican co-sponsors for HR 3440, the DREAM Act of 2017, which grants full amnesty to Obama’s “deferred action” illegal aliens. The Senate bill, S. 1615, is identical.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has issued the most comprehensive study ever on the massive welfare costs of supporting illegal aliens. The numbers are staggering.

Illegal aliens drain $135 billion in “free” health care, “free” schooling including the local cost for bilingual teachers, trial and incarceration costs, and welfare.

That is more money than the federal budget expenditures for Transportation, House & Community Development, Education, Energy, Foreign Aid and Science.

What will America get in return for granting amnesty to Obama’s Dreamers?

Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA) says it will amount to 4 million new Democrat voters because amnesty will include ALL illegal family members of the Dreamers through chain migration and family “unification” clauses!

The Democrat Party is the ONLY entity in all of America that benefits from amnesty for illegals.

This is a battle for the very soul of America. We have to speak out louder than ever before and let the GOP know what a betrayal this is. Are you in?

Click HERE to urge the GOP to reject amnesty for Barack Obama’s illegal alien Dreamers!


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