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Breaking News: Obamacare Is An Intentional Train Wreck & Must Be Defunded!

Obamacare CAN and WILL
Be Defunded!
Fax The House Today!

Forbes magazine reports that the Obamacare website was intentionally designed to crash at the rollout, as people are trying to sign up for their supposedly "affordable" health care.

The magazine interviewed multiple software engineers who investigated the code behind the exchange websites - and they all came to the same conclusion: The $643 million website does not work correctly and it was DESIGNED TO FAIL!

This was done to hide the fact that the promises that Obama and the Democrats made were all lies. Health insurance under Obamacare will not be affordable, especially for the people who it was supposedly designed to help.

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
This is why Obama is stalling!

He KNOWS that if the truth comes out before Obamacare is paid for in the budget, his socialist house of cards will come crashing down.

You MUST send FaxGrams to the Republicans on the House Budget Committee immediately! Tell them to stand up to Obama now that the truth is out and DEFUND Obamacare!

The media is still desperately searching to find an actual human who has signed up for health insurance on the Obamacare site. They haven't found one, in spite of claiming that some states have had hundreds or even thousands of signups.

In reality, there might not be ANY signups at this point.  This is intentional!

Here's how the Obamacare website was designed.

The user sets up an account and then inputs all of their sensitive personal information so the IRS can collect it. Then and only then are they supposed to be able to get into the system to "shop" for all of the "affordable" Obamacare plans.

According to Forbes, the system intentionally crashes before users can get in to see how outrageously overpriced the plans are AND find out that they do not qualify for any subsidies.

Obama needs the website to fail for two reasons:

1. The health insurance plans are not affordable and therefore, public sentiment among all of the people who voted for him will plummet once they learn that they have been lied to and cheated.

2. The Democrats need the exchange website to fail because OBAMACARE HAS NOT YET BEEN FUNDED IN THE BUDGET PROCESS!

Obamacare can and MUST be defunded in the House! Send your FaxGrams to the House Budget Committee Republicans immediately and tell them to defund this intentional train wreck!

The intentionally failing website is proof positive that America was defrauded and sold a false bill of goods when it comes to Obamacare.

The Bible considers corrupt business dealings to be an abomination (Proverbs 20:10).

If you recall the statement from Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), "We have to pass it so we can see what's in it," you realize that Americans were asked to sign a bad contract without reading it.

We were cheated, but the deal can still be nullified.

Under the Constitution, the House of Representatives has sole authority to decide which government programs get funding and which ones don't.

They CAN defund Obamacare. They just need to have the will to do it.

That is where your help comes in. You MUST fax the House Republicans today and tell them to defund Obamacare. This new information on the fraudulent nature of Obamacare demands that we take action!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Ryan:

Forbes magazine is reporting that the Obamacare exchange website was intentionally designed to fail.

This was done to maliciously hide the fact that the insurance plans under Obama's "Affordable Care Act" are not affordable at all and that most people do not qualify for subsidies. His supporters would turn on the health care takeover in a heartbeat if they realized that every promise of Obama's was a lie.

But the Obamacare website crashes before the users can learn this fact. Obama needs YOU to fund his socialized medicine scheme before they'll fix the system and let the truth out. By then it will be too late.

Under the Constitution, the House has sole discretion on which government programs receive funding. You have the power of the purse strings, not Obama and not Harry Reid!

Obamacare will only be funded if you choose to do it! The train wreck that is happening with the Obamacare rollout was intentionally manufactured and you therefore have a responsibility to defund it. Do the right thing for America! Defund Obamacare!

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