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Destroy the Soros Crime Family

Image of George Soros in the Garden of Evil, Crime & Destruction.

George Soros in the Garden of Evil, Crime & Destruction.

Billionaire globalist and hedge fund manager George Soros, 86, is turning over the operation of his empire to his sons, according to George Soros is the founder of the open-borders Open Society Foundation.  According to Breitbart News, Alexander Soros is becoming a major donor to globalist Democrat candidates and in fact contributed nearly as much money to the Democrat candidates in 2012 as his father. George Soros’ biographical information can be found HERE.

Charles Benninghoff reports on how the Soros family is sowing chaos to undermine the Trump agenda HERE.

Soros and the Open Society Foundation provide direct funding to dozens of leftwing, anti-capitalist and anti-American organizations, think tanks, watchdog groups, Political Action Committees, abortion clinics and other nation-destroying outlets.  A partial list of the groups funded by Soros can be read HERE, courtesy of Discover the Networks.
Starting in February 2017, the Open Society Foundation began funding a nationwide effort to shut down conservative Town Hall meetings across the country. Using the Isolate-and-Swarm tactic that leftwing agitators perfected on social media, these Soros-funded groups are now taking to the streets across America and agitating to undermine President Trump and the America First movement. Fox News reports on chaos at GOP town hall meetings HERE.

Charles Benninghoff reports on ties between Obama’s Organizing for Action group and Soros funding HERE.

You can view the Pray For US resource page HERE which provides a look at the training manuals Soros’ groups are providing to agitators.



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