“Doc-Fix” Plan Hurts American Seniors

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/19/2014   Obama wants to cut Social Security and Medicare payments for seniors and hand the money over to his Muslim Brotherhood terrorist pals.

Obama’s plan is known as “Doc-Fix.” This is a massive wealth redistribution plan that will eat into Social Security payments, while doing nothing to combat the fraudulent payouts to illegal aliens or to Obama’s “low-level” terrorist supporters who are now allowed into the country.

How will this scheme work? Congress sets the rates for Medicare payments to doctors every year under a 1996 rule called the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). This system has been losing billions of dollars for the past decade because of fraudulent payments to illegal aliens.

Illegals account for more than $10 billion a year in Medicare prescription drug payments and $4.2 billion dollars in tax credits which come out of the money that you pay into Social Security.

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Instead of plugging the holes in the system which allow Obama’s new Muslim Brotherhood “low level” terrorist supporters to sign up for automatic benefits, Doc-Fix will simply shift the costs onto the backs of seniors using Medicare.

How is this a cut to Social Security? The answer to that question is seniors are already paying more than 30-percent of their income from Social Security on health care costs. Therefore, seniors and taxpayers will get the shaft once again, while Congress does nothing to fix the fraud pay-outs to illegal aliens and Obama’s new Muslim terrorist refugees.

The truth is, if we cut off the Social Security and Medicare payments to illegal aliens, it would eliminate most of the funding problems with these systems. Social Security payments should be set aside in a dedicated trust fund for those of us who have faithfully paid into the system for decades. Instead, Congress has used it for a piggy-bank theft fund and has been ripping seniors off for years using this practice.

Seniors and Disabled Americans say "No" to taking their Social Security.

Seniors and Disabled Americans say “No” to taking their Social Security.

Social Security hasn’t kept up with health care inflation for decades and that situation is only getting worse now because of Obamacare and the flood of illegal aliens that Congress refuses to kick out.

“Thou shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15) applies to governments as well as to men and women. Social Security and Medicare have proven to be some of the biggest theft schemes in history because Congress refuses to do the right thing. Don’t let them cut Social Security for seniors in order to continue paying off illegal aliens and Obama’s terrorist pals.

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This plan could pass in the House at any time and it already has the support of the usual suspects – Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell and Obama.

If you know anyone else who is offended by the idea of cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay off illegal aliens and terrorist refugees, please send them this link:

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