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Pray For US - Pray For The United States is an online outreach Christian church and ministry headquartered in Las Vegas that was incorporated under Nevada's nonprofit laws in 2012.

Pray For US has evolved over the years to become what now encompasses video, radio and internet outreaches.

The organization is led by founder Charles Benninghoff.  Pray For US believes that America was founded through providence and will only be sustained through providence - and that providence comes from our Lord, the God of the Bible who was prayed to by Founding Fathers such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Contributions to Pray for US - Pray for the United States are used to support hosting a wide range of programs icluding video production for YouTube channels, email campaigns and a daily action campaign.

Pray For US also seeks to educate the public on the spiritual Christian roots of our nation and the proper, Biblical response to the tyrannical policies of the anti-American forces which have worked to usurp our national government.

During 2018 Pray for US will focus on the widespread issue of Vote Fraud and urge American to pay no attention to the globalist falsehood that Vote Fraud does not exist.  The fraud in the Judge Moore race in Alabama proves that it exists and must be defeated.

This is accomplished by carrying out email and fax campaigns to warn the public of upcoming anti-Christian legislation and to respond directly to Members of Congress before they vote on issues that impact us as Christians. We are a non-partisan organization and do not back particular candidate for office based upon their politics.  We are outspoken backers of federal political candidates who advocate fair and equal treatment of Christians, however.

We are a FREE CHURCH - in other words we have not submitted to federal government rule and we stand as independent Christian voices against government tyranny.

Your contribution helps us continue to send our message out over the public airwaves and the internet, and it is greatly appreciated!


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US - Pray for the United States
An Online Christian Church & Outreach Ministry
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