Executive Orders Need to Stop Now!

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/08/2014   Top-ranking Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee stated this week that she and other Democrats will be writing new Executive Orders for Obama to sign. Obama, who said back in 2008 that our Constitution is a “flawed document,” will be all too happy to use this tactic to impose his far-left agenda on you and your family.

Jackson-Lee says she’ll be writing executive orders to help Obama achieve “full employment” in America. Obama and his Democrat lap-dogs are not content to have crippled the American economy by nationalizing parts of the auto industry and the entire health care sector. Now they want to impose the failed policies of communist nations to take over every area of your life. If Obama is allowed to shove the Constitution aside and rule by executive “fiat” – declaring new laws without any input from Congress – there is no limit to what he can do to you, your children and your grandchildren.

Nevertheless we do know Obama’s agenda based on his previous actions: Gun control, amnesty for illegal aliens, Sharia law, a civilian army and socialized medicine. All of your freedoms will be at the mercy of Obama’s pen. Obama and the Democrats realize they can’t destroy the last bastion of freedom and liberty in the world, as long as the rule of law and the US Constitution stand in their way. Consequently Obama has figured out a way to dance around the Constitution and ignore all conservative opposition in Congress with executive orders.

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Rep. Jackson-Lee (D-TX) is proud of the fact that they will be subverting the Constitution in order to use government force over every area of every American’s life through executive orders. “In fact,” says Jackson-Lee, “I think that should be our number one agenda.” They will completely ignore the will of the people and the conservative majority that we elected in the House.

This is a very dangerous time for America and we have to speak up. If Congress doesn’t rein in Obama’s Executive Order dictatorship, this man could impose any law that he wants. Obama could grant total amnesty for illegal aliens without a vote of Congress (which he already did in part in 2012). We wouldn’t put it past him to sign an executive order abolishing term limits for the presidency or your private property rights.

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee  supports Obama's tyranny.

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee supports Obama’s tyranny.

In the Bible, 1 Kings 8:10-18 describes what will happen to a nation if it demands a king, rather than the liberty under God which our Founding Fathers intended for all Americans: Our sons and daughters will be slaves to that king, and the finest portions of our property and wealth become the king’s as well. That is what Obama wants and he might attempt to take it by force, unless he knows that “we the people” are willing to resist him.

We are at a point in our history where the liberty which our forefathers fought and bled to preserve is close to slipping away. Obama has already turned the IRS, the NSA, the Justice Department and other agencies within the Executive branch against us. If he nullifies Congress by imposing laws without them, it will be the death of our nation.

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