FCC Vote Violates Federal Law

The Federal Communications Commission will vote on Obama’s illegal secret 332-page plan to regulate the internet on Thursday, February 26th.

If this plan is passed, it will make sweeping changes in how Americans are able to use the internet. Our broadband internet connections can be taxed, effective immediately, if the FCC votes to re-classify the web as a public utility.

These new regulations will squeeze entrepreneurs and start-ups out of the marketplace and will allow the federal government to become a Ma Bell-style monopoly, controlling every aspect of the internet for all Americans.

Congress passed a law in 1946 after Franklin Roosevelt began creating federal agencies that have the power to control or regulate various aspects of American citizens’ lives.

This law is known as the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). This law is a “bill of rights” that is designed to protect Americans from illegal or harmful power grabs by unelected federal agencies.

According to the Attorney General’s Manual on the Administrative Procedure Act (also written in 1946), all federal agencies including the FCC “must provide for public participation in the rulemaking process.

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Under the law, the FCC is supposed to publish proposed rule changes in the Federal Register and allow a minimum 30-day public comment period before voting.

The FCC Commissioners were handed this 332-page plan three weeks ago and it has been kept secret.

Americans are not allowed to know the full contents of this secret plan until after it is voted on and we did not have a chance to issue a public comment.

This is a clear violation of federal law!

Why is Pray For US so concerned about this proposed rule change? Because we have seen Obama’s track record when it comes to Christian freedoms world-wide and we know that he is willing to silence the church here in America through these regulations.

2 Corinthians 3:12 states, “Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech.”  The literal translation of that verse reads, “We use much freedom of speech.”

Americans’ First Amendment right to the freedom of religious expression and speech is rooted in this principle from the Bible.

With an unregulated internet, we are able to preach the Gospel of Christ to the whole world. Under Obama’s “net neutrality,” the federal government will have sweeping new powers to eventually silence Christian organizations such as Pray For US through regulations and fees on the internet.

Look no further than how Obama has treated the Body of Christ world-wide: Millions of Christians have been beheaded, shot, burned and driven out of their homes because Obama sided with Muslim terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria and Centrafique.

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We believe that this internet takeover is just another extension of Obama’s passion to impose Shariah law on America, which would include silencing Christian voices on the internet.

Pray For US is fighting this issue tooth and nail because we support Americans’ right to freely express their religious views on the internet. We believe that Obama’s “net neutrality” rules are a very clear threat to First Amendment freedoms.

The FCC is violating the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 by holding a vote without involving public input on rules that will impact nearly every single American.

To contact the FCC at no cost or obligation to you, and to urge the FCC Commissioners to cancel the vote and follow federal law, click HERE.

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