Fight to Hold Lerner in Contempt Continues

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

04/17/2014   After hours of heated debate, the House of Representatives Oversight Committee voted 21-12 to hold former IRS head Lois Lerner in Contempt of Congress.

Next, the contempt measure will head to the house floor. Under federal law, Lois Lerner could be fined up to $100,000, and she could be thrown in jail for a year only if the full House passes this resolution. Read more about the case against Lois Lerner here.

The entire Obama Administration is mobilizing for an all-out war over this issue.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder just attacked House Republicans for being “racist,” simply because some of them are seeking justice in this IRS scandal. This typical Obama strategy has been seen ever since he started his occupation of the White House — everyone that opposes anything that the Obama Administration does is doing so because of racism.

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That makes about 65% of the American populace over the age 18 complete and total racists.

Left-wing media is in on the act too. They want to stop this Contempt of Congress Resolution from ever reaching the House floor and getting a final vote.

Remember, Lois Lerner was Obama’s point person at the IRS. She personally supervised the systematic targeting of conservative groups during the 2012 Presidential election.

Emails have just been released showing that she expected to be rewarded with a high-paying job with Obama’s political group, Organizing for Action, after she retired from the IRS.

Congress must not let this malicious woman get off scot-free! Find out how you can help convince House Representatives to vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt here.

Political Action Committee, United States Justice Foundation, is urging grassroots conservatives to swamp House Republicans with faxes demanding that they pass this Contempt of Congress resolution as soon as possible.

Despite what the media is reporting, Lerner waived her right to not testify before Congress last year when she gave a speech before the Oversight Committee. Then she refused to answer any questions about this IRS scandal, in violation of a Congressional subpoena, which is a violation of federal law.

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Lois Lerner should be fined, and she should tossed in prison, which is what would have happened if she were an ordinary citizen. However, Lois Lerner is a top Barack Obama crony and Mr. Obama is protecting her.

Support from the American public is what is needed in this case. House Republicans are under incredible pressure simply to give up on this resolution.

If you would like to see Lois Lerner treated like any other American citizen that broke the law and take responsibility for her actions, you can help by urging House Republican Representatives to vote to hold Lois Lerner in Contempt here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so they can help too.

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