Fire Tainted Counsel Mueller


Our President and all the way down to Members of the House… are all calling for appointment of a new special counsel.

Let me explain why that is stupid and why America should not waste a second on this effort.

Overwhelming institutional bias inside the Department of Justice is so arrogant, so smug and so rampant that Americans by-and-large are thoroughly disgusted.  Further disgusting is that our nation has a firmly set belief there are now two Justice Departments:  First, there is the DOJ for you and me and our sisters and brothers and wives and kids; then there is the DOJ for Democrats and real, actual criminals who are globalists.

These two Departments of Justice mete out long sentences to you and me but raise not an eyebrow when Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama sell off a huge 20% stake in America’s uranium supply to the Russians and receive multi-million payouts in the form of cash bribes for having done so.

A DOJ eyebrow is not even raised when that 20% stake in US uranium now owned by Russia is sold back to America and guess who gets a $500,000 speaker’s fee in Moscow over the deal:  William Jefferson Clinton – the disbarred lawyer accused of rape and pillaging the treasury of the United States.

Meanwhile millions of dollars from foreign sources flowed into the Clinton Foundation coffers, a tax-free foundation that spends so little on charitable endeavors it is laughable.  Then from somewhere – no one it saying where –  so much money begins to flow into the Democrat National Committee that former Democrat National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile recently stated on the record Hillary Clinton was able to actually take over the day-to-day operations of the DNC to the extent that Chairwoman Brazile began to feel like a “slave” to the cohorts of Clinton.

Can you actually image that?  A bona fide black woman who’s skill, articulateness and intelligence along with years of hard work lifted her from administrative assistant to the virtual head of the American Democrat Party stating in this hyper politically-correct society that – in essence – Hillary Clinton had turned her from a major force in the party of feel-good politics into a slave?

This tableau is true, true in every word, every nuance of every phrase I have written and in doing so tried my best to hold down, tamp with force, my actually unbridled anger and disdain for what is now the perjured, purloined and petty United States Department of Justice.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions was quoted in Newsmax to have “…directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues raised… ” in letters to him from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte R-VA adding that the prosecutors would “report directly to the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, as appropriate, and will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.”

This is laughable.  AG Sessions has referred a decision to a group of Justice Department officials – these same Justice Department that crushed, hammered, hid and destroyed incredibly valuable computer hard drives which contained the very evidence that may become needed to convict Hillary and Bill Clinton, Debbie Wasserman and the cabal running the Clinton Foundation.

For a veteran politician like Sessions to believe that hardened employees at the DOJ are capable of policing themselves is like believing that the Seven Mafia Families that ruled New York was pursuing justice by seeing Paul Castellano gunned down on the way into the Sparks Steak House.

We do not need a special counsel, especially one like Mueller who is so steeped in political corruption that his efforts are suspect from the beginning.  What we need is for the elected politicians to do their job, their work at ferreting out deep state corruption.  Why?  You can’t hire the fox to guard the henhouse and that is what Congress is now doing.

We need a new Kefauver Commission – sitting right in the halls of Congress.  Kefauver’s efforts brought public opinion to bear on the problems of interstate crime with the result that the investigation helped local and state law enforcement and elected officials to aggressively pursue criminal syndicates – syndicates just like the Clinton Crime Family. The hearings clearly demonstrated that some elected officials had facilitated and profited from criminal activities. These dramatic hearings also made certain that television would play a large role in future Senate investigations and now such TV coverage would be by CSPAN – a news combine outside the grasp of our leftist media.

That is why I believe America needs to support Representatives Louie Gohmert R-TX, Andy Biggs R-AZ and Matt Gaetz R-FL who have introduced a measure that would put the House on record “…describing Mueller, a former FBI director, as unfit to lead the probe because of his relationship with James Comey, his successor at the bureau…” according to Politico.

Push Mueller out – Pull Congress In.  Let Democracy actually work for once.


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