Force Full Obamacare Repeal With House Discharge Petition

Click HERE to Yell at Congress NOW: https://PrayFor.US/170815_49376_p4us_pp_Obamacare_Discharge_Petition_FB/

House Freedom Caucus Files Discharge Petition To Force A Vote On CLEAN OBAMACARE REPEAL

A Discharge Petition Requires NO SENATE APPROVAL

RINO Speaker Paul Ryan Has Buried True Obamacare Repeal In Eight Separate Committees So It Will Never Advance For A Vote

Discharge Petition Requires Only 218 GOP Signatures To Force A Vote On Clean Repeal!

Click Our Link To Yell At Congress To Do The Right Thing

Liberal & RINO Senators Cannot Stop Discharge Petition Vote Under Any Circumstance!

Discharge Petition Awaits Your Representative’s Signature On The Main House Desk Right NOW!

Tell The House GOP To Keep Its Promise: Clean Repeal Of Obamacare!

Click Our Link To Fulfill Your Patriotic Duty To Speak Out Today!

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  1. Louise Morse

    On Aug 29, 2017

    I support any effort to end Obamacare and will NOT support any politician who votes against repeal

  2. Louise Morse

    On Aug 29, 2017

    I did

  3. Louise Morse

    On Sep 4, 2017

    Paul Ryan is a weak-kneed jerk and needs to get out of the way so Trump can save America from total destruction.

  4. Louise Morse

    On Sep 4, 2017

    McMaster should get out of the way and let Trump do his thing.

  5. Louise Morse

    On Sep 4, 2017

    we need a third party. I am through supporting Republicans.

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