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Freebi: Say "Thank You" To These Conservatives For Fighting Back Against Obamacare!

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The true Americans in the House and Senate have put up a tremendous fight so far against Obamacare.  This is in spite of the tremendous pressure they are facing from the media after Barack Obama willingly shut down the government and tried to blame them for his actions.

Conservative leaders rally against ObamacareConservative leaders rally against Obamacare

Several Members of Congress and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have been very vocal and unashamed in their defense of America against Obamacare. They deserve our thanks!

This is a Freebi campaign from Pray For US - Pray For The United States. Please take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to some of the most vocal conservatives who have been fighting for the soul of our nation.

NOTE: This is a Freebi campaign from Pray For US. If you select the FREE option to the right, you will not be charged for sending your faxes All we ask in return is that you share this campaign with your family members, friends and acquaintances on social media channels to help spread the word.

Sen. Cruz is, of course, at the top of the list of conservatives who has showed the fortitude and courage to take on the most hated law in America since the Viet Nam draft.

He has put his political career on the line for the people of Texas and for all Americans and therefore he deserves our thanks!

Iowa Rep. Steve King is next on our list. In a rally outside the capitol yesterday he stated, "This will be decided in the hearts and minds of the American people, who say hold your ground - we don’t want Obamacare - save us from that. Then we can hold our ground and get that done."

Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin summed up the feelings of many Americans when he asked, "Why is it us [that has] to give up the fight? How about we actually negotiate?"

Georgia Rep. Austin Scott says, "This is not about Obamacare, this is about America."  Amen!

And Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert asks, "I cannot explain why Harry Reid is so mean-spirited and so determined to keep the government shut down that he won’t even appoint conferees."

Send your FREE FaxGrams to these five leaders today and tell them thanks for standing up for America. They have been leading the fight to defund Obamacare on behalf of every single one of us.

You can also fax all of the conservatives in House or Senate (or both) who have finally stood up to Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and fought to defund Obamacare.

Note: Your faxes will not be sent to the 25 Republican Senators who voted to fund Obamacare or the 22 House Republicans who say they're ready to throw in the towel and force you to pay for socialized medicine. House Speaker John Boehner is also absent from the list, since we now know that he worked for months in secret with Harry Reid and Obama to carve out a special congressional exemption from Obamacare and then lied about it.

Pray For US is thankful for the conservative leaders who are fighting against Obamacare for the sake of America. Obamacare will lead to an additional 110,000 abortions in America every year and Christians will be forced to pay for these murders.

We believe that all humans are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27) and that every abortion represents a violation of human rights and a violation of God's commandment against murder (Deut. 5:17).

Send your words of encouragement and thanks to the conservatives who are standing up against Obamacare. You can use the FREE option to send faxes to the five leaders mentioned above, or a paid option to send faxes to as many as you wish.

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
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Ted Cruz
B40B Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Cruz:


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for standing up for all Americans by working to defund Obamacare.

This horrible law is a train wreck that will cause untold harm to America. Historians will look back on this time in our great country and know that you and your colleagues who fought against socialized medicine were on the correct side in this battle.

I'm proud of you and you have my full support. Keep it up! I will continue to pray for victory not only in this battle but in every battle coming up against the Obama regime.

Thank you for everything you've done on behalf of our country.

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