Globalist Bill to Replace All American Workers

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All American workers can eventually be replaced by welfare-dependent, minimum-wage foreign workers under a new bill proposed by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO).  The bill is called the “State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program Act” and Rep. Buck is too scared to publicly release it until he gathers enough co-sponsors.  You can read a copy of the most anti-American bill ever written HERE.

In addition to replacing 500,000 American workers with foreigners every year, the Johnson-Buck bill grants a path to citizenship and total amnesty to all illegal aliens in America!

Breitbart News calls it “The American Replacement Act” but I call it “The I Hate Americans Bill!” The more you learn about this bill, the more you will hate it!

Here are the details:

1. All 50 states will be given authority to issue visas to foreign workers. 500,000 foreign workers can be imported every year who will take American jobs and work for minimum wage while supplementing their income with welfare.  Massive International Businesses like Toyota, Volkswagen and the Chinese Communist Army win while America loses.

2. No federal vetting of these foreign workers will take place because the responsibility will be shoved off to the states which are not equipped to vet foreign nationals for ties to terrorism or organized crime.

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3. All illegal aliens can sign up for a visa through this program – and a visa is a pathway to citizenship, otherwise known as amnesty!

4. Even illegal aliens who have been previously deported will be able to get a visa and citizenship through this program!

Because it is immigration-related, this bill will be assigned to the House Judiciary Committee as soon as Rep. Buck finds enough globalist co-sponsors.

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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Johnson says he helped write this bill because Americans are lazy drug addicts who will not work for minimum and the states need the ability to import foreigners to fill low-wage jobs even while the same states are raising minimum wage levels that are putting American small businesses into bankruptcy.

Rep. Buck and Sen. Johnson are actually patting each other on the back and stating that they are courageous for proposing a bill to replace 500,000 American workers every year. At his announcement for the bill to replace 500,000 American workers per year with foreigners, Johnson stated, “Let’s face it, to have the courage… we’re probably a lightning rod on this bill.” The arrogance of these globalist RINOs is unbelievable!

Maybe there would not BE as many drugs in this country, Senator Johnson, if you would support a life sentence for illegal alien drug dealers or the death penalty for repeat offenders instead of coddling all illegal aliens as if being paid life-long welfare by this nation were THEIR birthright!

There would also be fewer drugs if Senator Johnson would support building The Wall on our southern border instead of coddling illegal alien drug dealers as if this nation were the illegals’ birthright!

Genesis 25:29-34 relates the story of how Esau despised his own birthright and gave it away for a bowl of lentil stew (pottage).

The Johnson-Buck bill shows how much globalists despise OUR birthright – America – and are willing to give it away for campaign contributions from Big Business. Their State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program is disgusting and we have to defeat it!


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Click HERE to tell the House Judiciary Committee to reject the Johnson-Buck “I Hate Americans Bill.”



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