GOP Majority Must Support President Trump Against Globalists

Both Mueller & Comey are Obama & Holder proteges all of whom now collude in globalist-driven witch hunt to bring down our nationalistic President Donald Trump

If you look up the term “political swamp” in the dictionary it probably has a picture of those four unindicted felons next to the definition!

Only a fool would believe that President Trump can get a fair shake from that godless quartet of Deep State globalists.

Our free church Pray For US is calling on Congress to pull the plug on Mueller’s phoney investigation – which was actually prompted by James Comey committing what many say was treason!

Even if President Trump did what he is being accused of… which is working with Russia… that is not a crime! There is no criminal statute on the books which says that a candidate for office cannot speak with or coordinate with foreign leaders – especially as in this case – it is to get up to speed in the fight against terrorism.

For example, Nigel Farage of the European Union Parliament spoke at a Donald Trump campaign rally last year.

We all saw Farage on camera, he gave a speech at a Trump rally.

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Yet no one is accusing the Trump campaign of “colluding” with the European Union.

If colluding with a foreign government was illegal, well, we have Farage on camera colluding with the Trump campaign.

If that was illegal, no investigation would even be necessary because we all saw the tape.

There is simply no crime for Robert Mueller to investigate!

Let me read you one sentence from that article… quote… “Mueller and Comey were rising stars mentored and guided by Eric Holder in the 1990s during Holder’s time in the Justice Department under the Clinton administration.” …End quote.

So you have Mueller tied to James Comey, who prompted the investigation by leaking an FBI memo to the media.

You have Mueller and Comey being mentored and trained in dirty politics by Fast and Furious Eric Holder, the only Attorney General in American history to be found in Contempt of Congress when he was Outcast Obama’s squalid example of an attorney general.

In the worst case scenario, it is exactly what it appears to be which is a Soviet Union-style witch hunt
designed to keep digging and digging until Mueller finds something he can falsely piece-together to use to accuse President Trump with.

That is NOT justice and it is not the way the American legal and governmental system works.

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So Pray For US is calling on Congress to pull the plug on the independent counsel.

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