A Conservative Action Plan for 2013

The American People are starving for leadership.  One leader must be chosen.  He or she must be educated, proud to be a Christian, morally principled knowing what is right and wrong, AND someone who connects with young and average working Americans.

There are very few in Congress who have this presence, this connection, the independence necessary to stand apart from the constant in-fighting to lead with offense, with solutions instead of reacting defensively.   America needs extraordinary leaders to back the risks Americans individually are willing to take to rebuild their lives.  Doing nothing means more cities will fail like Detroit.   Conservatives from both parties are frustrated because they can see what is happening.  The fact is, this has always been a Christian Republic — one severely tattered over many decades by an ideology-driven group of traitors devoted to making mute the U.S. Constitution and America’s Christian heritage.  America needs leaders who can stand firm for what our nation stands for, able to articulate that America is not some sort of amebic nation-state of a one-world government.  We need decisive leaders who will tell the United Nations to go to Hell by promoting the compassionate strength of new ideas, not compliance.

The American people are silently exhausted watching and listening to Members of Congress playing defense and not scoring anything.  Obama is totally in control of Congress and has enslaved America’s information system.  He controls 50% of the votes because dependents fear their government income will be cut off if Obama gets booted from office.  Where are the leaders who can override the fears?  Where are they that can change the focus from dependency to doing something exciting for themselves, following their own dreams, making their own money?  Obama is a master enslaver, a divider, a conqueror, a street organizer who was given a pass at first and then realized he could lie and do whatever he wanted to do with impunity as he controls those who would have to impeach him.  Educated and respectful Conservatives have no idea how to stop an amoral street organizer like Obama.   Maybe we should change the game.

For the past 100 years, generations have experienced a gradual erosion of the expectations of personal responsibility.  Because of increasing regulations and hurdles, the people have learned not to take risks, not to be resourceful, because like slaves long ago, the master (government) pays them and makes their decisions for them, for “the common good”.   Where are the leaders who can articulate the role of a citizen in a Republic and the role of money that serves working citizens?   Where are they who are charismatic enough to speak to the needs of those who work and pay taxes, engaging personalities who are tough-minded enough to encourage our  young to discard their shackles?

There are six (6) points Republicans must embrace.  The following must be articulated by all Republicans and imbedded into the consciousness of Americans.  These things must be passed into law by whatever means, even if a Constitutional Amendment is required.

The Republican Party by consistently defining itself as “for the little guy,”  “for America,” and “for the American People” will pick up many voters.  To lead this revolution, this renewal, Republicans must decide on one charismatic leader.  All others must be on the same page with this charismatic leader. 

1.     The Congressional Reform Act of 2013 – (allegedly an idea from Warren Buffet, but not   confirmed.)  This Act would make everyone serving in Congress embrace the same rights and receive the same benefits as their constituents – a salary only when serving in Congress, required contributions into the Social Security System,  participation in the same health care system as their constituents,  and retirement the same as other Americans  — nothing elitist and no special privileges.

2.     People who enter the U.S. without an entrance permit are not legal.  They must not be allowed to become a financial burden on the community.  Those that do must be returned to their home country.

Each permitted immigrant must have a citizen sponsor who takes out a bond guaranteeing they will pay for their sponsored immigrant’s expenses until they become a citizen.  The community has limited funds.  Sponsored immigrants must not become a public financial burden.  Included in costs are: housing, food, clothing, education, health care, and 100% of the permitted immigrant’s living expenses.   

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A.     No one, including any citizen, is entitled to anything.

B.     If there is no consequence for doing something illegally, why should anyone pay attention to doing anything legally?

C.    About using public funds to support immigrants: No reasonable person regardless of ethnicity and culture would knowingly want their money to be used to pay to house, educate, feed, clothe, and provide health care for the citizens of another country.

D.   By not having budgets the people can understand and relate to, citizens have no idea how much money government has. Without budgetary simplicity and transparency, it is easy to be compassionate about spending other people’s money.

3.    The People’s Information Act of 2013 –  This Act would support the 1st Amendment by requiring news agencies to produce and/or publish information that is factually complete or face large fines and public chastisement.  Opinions would have to be labeled as opinion.

4.    Judicial Reform Act of 2013 –  This would make it illegal for a judge at any level, including the Justices appointed to the Supreme Court, and the DOJ, to disregard the U.S. Constitution because the Constitution protects the People.   If accused, a judge or government official would be subject to loss of their position and their license to practice law if found guilty by an independent panel of Constitutional Scholars who would serve on regional boards for a given period of time.

5.    Banking and Federal Reform Act of 2013 – The Act would state that a consent of Congress would be required before any dollar could be printed by the U.S. Treasury.  No longer could the Executive Branch or Federal Reserve control the printing of dollars, whose actions have caused the U.S. Dollar to be worth much less.

Additionally, the Federal government would be required to spend only as defined and permitted by the U.S. Constitution.  Federal income taxes not spent at the federal level would be dispersed to local banks in all states that would agree to lend the total received to credit-worthy businesses and individual entrepreneurs in their area.  Any bank that received funds and failed to do this would pay a fine and be denied future funds.

6.   Accessible, Affordable Health Care – Obamacare would not be funded. Three (3) programs would be initiated by Congress.

A.    The first would be a program for licensed primary care physicians in local neighborhoods to advertise their fees on local web-sites to attract patients. These physicians would accept no insurance.  Their fees would be determined by what their patients would be willing to pay, not fixed, but adjusted as needed by each advertiser / physician.  These websites would require patients who see these physicians to accept arbitration as the means to settle disputes, loss, or injury – somewhat modeled after Kaiser Permanente.  Pharmacies would advertise in one section of the local website by advertising medications by cost.   Insurance advertising only major medical products would be permitted to advertise in one section of the website listing fees, coverages, exclusions, etc. for hospitalization and long-term care.

B.    The second would be a Medicare program to cover seniors who do not wish to pay anything to a doctor.  This would serve many seniors who are accustomed to not paying to see a doctor – even Kaiser Members who are now asked to pay a fee to see a doctor.  Many seniors feel they already paid for Social Security through years of deductions from work, that Social Security funds were stolen by Congress to pay for the Vietnam War, and those same funds later divided into Social Security and Medicare.

C.    The third would be a safety-net state-run program for temporary assistance (welfare) and for permanent disability paid for and conducted by the states, not the federal government.

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Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, nothing is easy.   Freedom comes in small steps, sometimes forward, sometimes falling backward.  If called upon, I will assist in the development and promotion of the above reforms.

I have the most experience and capability as concerns websites and locally delivered health care.  I have access to health care providers and web designers who can create the Accessible Healthcare website if funding is made available.  At present, I am a principal in a vacation rental website in Santa Cruz, CA   www.AHouseInSantaCruz.com  and I contribute my time by writing for The Silicon Valley Conservative Forum.

I am seeking to work with the strong, the principled, the true future leaders of our Republic.  God’s speed to every one of us.

Betty Sakai, Guest Blogger


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