Gun-Grabbing Mayor Arrested for Gun Crime

America’s least-favorite nanny, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has used his vast wealth to form a political coalition known as “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” It boasts over 1,500 members and the group is dedicated to destroying the Second Amendment and removing your right to keep and bear arms. (Please pray for the United States that these individuals are removed from office.) One problem that this particular coalition faces, however, is that its members continue to get arrested.

Take for example James Schirilo, the Republican Mayor of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania – pictured here with his cigar and an orange juice as he makes his way to his first court appearance. This stocky Mayor Against Illegal Guns apparently had quite a wild night back in February.

According to published police reports, Mayor Schirilo had a Marcus Hook patrol officer pick up a 20-year-old male citizen and escort him directly to the Mayor Against Illegal Guns’ house. The Mayor Against Illegal Guns was quite drunk by that time apparently.

The young man was no doubt confused after being picked up by the police at midnight and then dropped off at the Mayor’s house. Things only became more strange from that point.

The Mayor Against Illegal Guns then offered the under-21 man some wine and propositioned him for gay sex, “20 to 30 times,” according to police. Mayor Against Illegal Guns Schirilo then took several handguns out of his desk and began waving them around while informing his victim that he was now a hostage.

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What’s that, you say? Oh, right! Well, Mayor Schirilo is against ILLEGAL GUNS, you see! And those would be defined as guns owned by people who are not police officers, politicians and Dianne Feinstein. Those are the illegal guns, not the ones that are used by Very Important Elitist Folks who need to have firearms in order to protect themselves and to commit kidnapping and attempted sodomy. Now where were we?

Oh, yes, back to Mayor Schirilo’s wild night in February.

Police say that the Mayor Against Illegal Guns fired a 9 millimeter handgun (sissy) into the wall and apparently terrified his hostage victim through that action. Schirilo’s 13-year-old daughter was home at the time when he allegedly kidnapped, attempted to sodomize and shot at his victim.

Mayor Schirilo has been charged with unlawful restraint – which the Bible defines as kidnapping (Deuteronomy 24:7) and which carried a death sentence under Old Testament law (just saying). He’s also charged with reckless endangerment, false imprisonment, official oppression and furnishing alcohol to minors. He says he plans to fight the charges against him.

Perhaps the greatest sting from this ordeal comes from the fact that Mr. Schirilo has been erased from the official roster at the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website. Et tu, Bloomberg?

Under normal circumstances, we would expect to see a Republican politician who is accused of drunkenness, kidnapping, attempted gay man-rape and shooting at a hostage to make national headlines in the liberal media. But apparently, being a Mayor Against Illegal Guns has its perks – even if your membership records have been erased.

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Mayor Schirilo’s wild night illustrates an important point in the “gun control” debate. When the politicians and the police are the only ones with guns, you will be raped. But don’t worry, just as they make guns “illegal”, they will make rape legal – for them – just as the British did in the American colonies and the Nazis did in occupied territory (spreading those master race genes around).

The reason we pray often for the United States is because tyrants like Nanny Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama and James Schirilo are in power. How can righteousness prevail in that atmosphere?

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