Hillary Clinton Body Count Seth Rich Chinagate Vol 4 of 10

Special Prosecutor: Bill & Hillary Chinagate fundraiser Johnny Chung taped a secret confession in fear he would be added to the Clinton Body Count.

The subject came up again last year when three people suddenly died after the DNC emails were leaked to WikiLeaks, including the leaker himself, Seth Rich, who was brutally assassinated by gunshot in Washington, D.C.

Today I’m going to talk about a Chinese businessman who was convicted of funneling illegal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign.

His name is Johnny Chung and his story is truly amazing. You’ll hear some of that story in Johnny’s own words.

Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh has chronicled the Clinton Crime Family for decades and fortunately for Rush, he has a big enough profile that the Clintons would never be able to bump him off and get away with it.

DNC staffers, fundraisers, British spies and everyday attorneys are not so lucky!

There was a significant number of dead bodies piled up around the Clintons in 1992 and people were asking about it back then.

Democrats and Republicans have been asking the question for years.

Attorney Shawn Lucas, who I talked about in Volume 3 of this series, was found dead on his bathroom floor a couple of days after he served the DNC with a lawsuit.

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He was suing the DNC because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other insiders stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders last year.

Lucas was 38 years old, found dead on his bathroom floor and his Democrat friends were “freaked out.”

Everyone, Democrat and Republican alike, knows that something is very fishy about all of these people surrounding the Clintons who cross them or know inside information about them… and they end up dead!

Chung was worried that the Clintons were going to bump him off.

He testified in his federal court case against the campaign in exchange for a more lenient sentence.

This testimony occurred more than 20 years ago and even back then, people knew that if you cross the Clintons, you’re liable to have a piano dropped on your head as you’re walking down the street… and have the cops label it a suicide!

This is why we need a Special Prosecutor appointed to finally investigate the many suspicious deaths surrounding Crooked Hillary and Slick Willy and their world’s biggest wiretap of the Congressional Democrat Delegation.

The federal government is wasting your tax dollars right now with a Special Prosecutor investigating Donald Trump when there is no crime alleged to have taken place.

I’ll say that again.

There is a Special Prosecutor investigating Donald Trump even though no crime took place. There is not even an allegation of a crime that took place involving the Trump campaign.

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Do it for Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, and dozens of other victims who have died under mysterious and violent circumstances surrounding the Clintons.

These victims, and dozens more, cry out for and deserve justice, justice, justice!

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