How Clinton Might Get Away

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As the FBI expands its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private home email server, Pray For US is concerned that Mrs. Clinton could get away scot-free. No matter what evidence the FBI collects, it will eventually be delivered to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who owes her career as a federal prosecutor to the Clintons.

Pray For US chronicled Loretta Lynch’s close ties to Eric Holder’s wife when Lynch was up for confirmation hearings in the Senate. Ms. Lynch and Holder’s wife have been friends for decades, ever since they were sorority sisters at Harvard University in the early 1980s. Our concern at the time was the Lynch would refuse to prosecute Fast & Furious Holder due to her close relationship with the Holders and therefore Lynch was unfit to be the Attorney General of the United States.

Fast-forward to today when Hillary Clinton’s “unique email arrangement with herself” (as Congressman Trey Gowdy terms it). It has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton conducted ALL of her State Department email correspondence using her home server. That include classified state secrets, as confirmed by the FBI and multiple other agencies.

It is our belief that there is more than enough evidence to convince a jury that the Clintons were in fact selling state secrets to foreign governments in exchange for large, often unreported donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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However, when the FBI investigation concludes, all of the evidence will be brought to the U.S. Attorney General to look over and decide whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Like we said, one phone call from the Clintons is all it would take and all of the evidence will end up in Loretta Lynch’s shredder.

Should Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? Look at what happened to Gen. David Petraeus when he was the Director of the CIA. Petraeus was found to be exchanging private, personal emails with his mistress in a civilian account. He was practically skinned alive and his long career was destroyed — and that was just a handful of personal emails!

Hillary Clinton conducted ALL of her email correspondence through a personal email address set up on a private server in her HOUSE which no one in the government had access to!

The only way we will see Hillary Clinton duly prosecuted for her crimes is if an independent prosecutor is appointed by Congress.


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Click HERE to contact the House Oversight Committee and DEMAND an independent prosecutor for the Hillary Clinton email case!


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