How to Stop Mueller Witch Hunt

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By Charles Benninghoff – LAS VEGAS, NV – We can expect the anti-Trump forces that run strong & deep in the so-called Deep State to burst forth with a huge “October Surprise” shortly before mid-term elections that just like the false FISA-Report Scam & the illegal alien-child separation scam will be a 100% false narrative yet so shocking in the scope of its false claims that it will inflame the basest human emotions.

Look what was claimed in the FISA-Report Scam – claims of wildly debased & perverted conduct on the part of President Trump, all of which were wholly unfounded.

Then there is this recent illegal alien mother-and-child separation hysteria that pointed to an ICE program of keeping illegal alien parents separated from their children supposedly all caused by President Trump’s callousness & inhumanity but turned out to have been 100% created by Barak Obama’s government years before President Trump even announced he was running for the office of president.

If you are sick & tired of the constant insult to our intelligence coming from the Deep State & want to disband the Mueller Investigation now, please take action by following this link.

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My imagination runs wild thinking of the scams that could possibly be in the core charges coming from Mueller’s October Surprise. But, his investigation team has a cadre of some 20-Ivy League government & private sector largely Hillary-supporting lawyers & I’m sure they’ll come up with a wild-and-crazy zinger full of lies, deceit & chicanery just like has been done so many times in the past.

We have isolated a way to force the conclusion of the Mueller Investigation.  The steps to do so come directly from the very person who wrote the Special Prosecutor rules & regulations. We have to convince the Judiciary that these rules can be used to win. 

If we do nothing, the Deep State government whose chief spokesman right now is Robert Mueller will win & he is hellbent on destroying President Trump.

Thus, I urge you to please proceed to our landing page & read all of the details by following this link:

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