H.R. 3812: No Obamacare Bailouts

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

01/28/2014   At times Pray For US collaborates with concurring organizations to achieve our grassroots mission to restore our nation to greatness. With everyone working together, we can succeed in preventing big-government forces in Washington, D.C. from destroying the America we know and love. The following message is from our comrades at the United States Justice Foundation:

ObamaCare is a catastrophe and causing big liberal health insurance companies to lose millions of dollars in profits and executive bonuses. The insurance companies that helped Barack Obama pass this unconstitutional law are now lobbying for a bailout. Barack Hussein Obama is about to invoke a little-known provision of ObamaCare and give these health insurance companies participating in his health care takeover law the bailout they are asking for.

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The secret provision in his health care law is to use your tax money to bail out his insurance company buddies. This is yet another unconstitutional move by the most lawless occupant of the White House in American history. The only way to stop this madness is to pass House Resolution (HR) 3812, the No Bailouts for Insurance Industry Act 2014.

Barack Obama and the insurance companies thought that they could bully the American people into buying their government mandated insurance, however; instead of doing what they are told, the American people are revolting by refusing to sign up for ObamaCare. The insurance companies that spent millions of dollars lobbying for this law are now losing their shirts.

Mr. Obama, Jr., promised these companies that he would bail them out. Now it is up to grassroots America to stop him. Unfortunately, these pro-ObamaCare insurance companies have lots of money and they give donations generously to Members of Congress. That’s why bombarding the House with faxes is so incredibly important. It is the only way that we can convince the politicians to do what is right and to stop these bailouts.

This is urgent as ObamaCare is collapsing. Barack Hussein Obama wants to loot the U.S Treasury, once again, to bail out his buddies, and to prop up this evil law. Please visit and share the link below to help stop this bailout.

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No ObamaCare Bailout

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