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Hussein Obama Covered Up A
Massive Terror Attack On U.S. Soil!
Impeach Him NOW!

Terrorists knocked out a California power station on April 16, 2013 using AK-47 rifle fire in an extremely well-coordinated attack. This took place just 13 hours after bombing at the Boston Marathon.

The reason why you have never heard of it is because Obama covered it up. His federal police to this day are still claiming that the attack was "vandalism."

These attackers removed a manhole cover to cut underground fiber-optic cables before firing 120 rounds at a power substation - and all 120 shell casings had been scrubbed of fingerprints. Vandalism?

Pray For US is calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama for dereliction of duty and for covering up an attack that could have led to an untold number of American deaths.

Please watch this report on the terror attack that Obama covered up and then use the form to the right to send FaxGrams to Congress today, demanding the impeachment of Obama:

Obama's most basic duty as Commander in Chief is the defense of this nation and he has failed at it. This attack proves that he is unfit for office.

This attack took place just 13 hours after the Boston Marathon bombing, which suggests that it was part of a much larger, much more organized attempt to harm America.

Former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chief Jon Wellinghoff has blown the whistle on this attack and now says it was "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred."

It is now clear due to Obama's cover-up that he has no interest in protecting your life or property. In fact, he has lifted restrictions to allow more Muslim jihadis to enter America under refugee status, even if they are suspected of donating money to active terror cells in the Middle East and Africa.

Obama would have implemented martial law and a total military lockdown if this attack had succeeded in knocking the power out in California, just as he did to the people of Boston in the wake of the bombing there.

Obama implemented martial law in Boston, MAObama implemented martial law in Boston, MA
And that was to catch one wounded teenager!

If a future attack by these same groups who Obama is granting "refugee status" to is successful, Obama WILL declare martial law over your community, just as he did in Boston because of a single wounded teenage Muslim.

All of your freedoms will be taken away if this happens, which is why you need to speak up to Congress today and urge them to file articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama! This is one of the most serious terrorist events that has happened in America since 9/11 and Obama covered it up!

Please think about the implications of this attack for a moment.  Obama's right-hand man Rahm Emanuel once said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Obama's most basic duty as the Commander in Chief is to protect Americans from attacks both foreign and domestic. His actions in this terror attack, as well as Fast & Furious, Benghazi and other debacles, prove that he is unfit for office.

Obama has no interest in protecting you from a terror attack. He is waiting for the next "good crisis" so he can seize total control over your life, liberty and property! That is why he warned no one about this attack and his federal agents say it was vandalism!

You MUST tell the House Judiciary Committee to impeach Obama immediately!

As Christians, we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness -- like the works of Obama -- but rather to rebuke them (Ephesians 5:11). Send your FaxGrams today to rebuke Obama and call for his impeachment!

Pray For US is also raising funds right now to be begin a nationwide petition drive calling for the impeachment of Obama for covering up this coordinated, professional terrorist attack.

If you are able, please consider a donation today in addition to the cost of sending your FaxGrams to help us form and publicize this petition calling for Obama's impeachment.

And please share this campaign with others, using these links:


Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US



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Bob Goodlatte
2309 Rayburn House Office Building
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Dear Chairman Goodlatte:

The former head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee now says that the incident at the PG&E power substation near San Jose, California on April 16, 2013 was a professionally-organized act of terrorism. This well-planned attack happened just 13 hours after the Boston Marathon bombing took place, suggesting that it was part of an attempted nationwide campaign of terror.

Obama has covered up this attack in California and federal agents to this day are describing it as an act of vandalism. These terrorists knocked out a power station right before the California wildfire season! Obama would have imposed martial law as he did in Boston and used the military to relocate hundreds of thousands of people if there had been a widespread outage.

The fact that he has covered this up proves that Obama has no interest in protecting Americans from actual terrorist attacks. After all, he never wants to let a "good crisis go to waste!"

By covering this attack up, mislabeling it and failing to warn the American people about a very serious terrorist threat in our midst, Obama has disqualified himself for the office he currently holds. I demand that you file Articles of Impeachment against Obama immediately and vote to remove him from office, before any Americans are killed by his dereliction of duty

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