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House Speaker Subverts The Constitution Again: Impeach John Boehner!

Impeach John Boehner:
Lawless House Speaker
Must Be Removed From Office!

House Speaker John Boehner has committed yet another unconstitutional act against America.

What Boehner did last week, acting in collusion with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), was a violation every bit as dangerous as Obama creating new laws with his pen through Executive Order.

It is bad enough that Boehner VOTES with Obama, Reid and Pelosi most of the time. But if he chooses to violate the Constitution in order to help the other side push a bill through Congress, we are left with only one option:

Charles Benninghoff, FounderCharles Benninghoff, Founder
Impeach John Boehner!

Please send FaxGrams to the House Tea Party Caucus today and urge them to file Articles of Impeachment against John Boehner. This man has gone too far in furthering Harry Reid and Barack Obama's agenda.

Here is what happened last week, in case you missed our earlier newsletter.

The House was working on HR 4302 last week and rushing to pass the bill (the so-called "Doc Fix").

The bill was being fast-tracked in the House, meaning it needed a 270-vote supermajority to pass. The amendments to the bill were not completed and the bill did not - at that point - have a mechanism to pay for the $180 billion Medicare patch.

According to the Daily Caller, Harry Reid called Boehner and Pelosi and asked them to push the bill through immediately. Reid wanted the bill to be voted on quickly so that the Senate could leave for its Easter vacation.

Boehner said "Yes."

Instead of a 270-vote supermajority, the bill was passed on a voice vote. The House took a voice vote on Thursday and the bill FAILED in that voice vote -- because the few Representatives in the chamber were still working on it!

There weren't enough Representatives present to even HAVE a vote. But that didn't stop Boehner from pushing this bill through for Harry Reid.

This is incredibly dangerous to our Republic. If Boehner can ram an unfinished Medicare patch bill through the House without a legitimate vote, what other issues will he pass?

Amnesty, Obamacare 2.0, gun control, tax hikes -- nothing is off the table if we allow our elected Representatives to behave like this.

We have to impeach John Boehner! Send your FaxGrams to as many Representatives as you can today and tell them to remove John Boehner from the House!

It's not enough to call for a new Speaker of the House. Boehner has gone too far this time and has to be completely removed from the House of Representatives. He needs to be impeached because he is unfit for office.

Exodus 18:21 tells us God's minimum required qualifications for someone in a representative position of power, such as John Boehner: "Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness."

John Boehner is not a man of truth. He is an internationalist who wants to place America under a one-world government. Boehner has fought to keep Obamacare in place, fought to pass amnesty for illegal aliens, fought for Obama's debt ceiling and tax increases and fought AGAINST conservative Christians and Americans.

It's time for John Boehner to go.

Call for John Boehner's impeachment today! We cannot allow him to remain in office after his latest Constitutional violation!

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Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Pray For US

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Louie Gohmert
2443 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman Gohmert:

John Boehner allowed HR 4302 to be pushed through the House of Representatives last week on a voice vote that didn't even pass! HR 4302 was on a fast-track process, so it was supposed to be passed only if it met a 270-vote super-majority. There weren't even 270 Representatives on the House floor when this happened!

How is this any different than Obama creating new laws by Executive Order? What is next? Will John Boehner "pass" an amnesty bill for illegal aliens without a vote? Can he pass another debt ceiling increase or a tax hike without a vote?

John Boehner broke the House rules and violated the Constitution with the passage of HR 4302. Demanding that he step down as Speaker of the House is not enough; John Boehner must be impeached.

I urge you to draw up Articles of Impeachment against John Boehner immediately and remove him from office. No one in elected office is above the law. Boehner has proven that he is unfit for public office through his actions, so he needs to be removed from power immediately!

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