Impeachment Resolution at RNC

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For the first time during “King Obama’s” reign in office, Articles of Impeachment will be considered during the Republican National Committee’s annual retreat in 2016.

It is clear that Barack Obama, who announced 10 new gun-grabbing executive orders this week and who plans to bring 250,000 Syrian refugees to America, is not going to slow down his lawless streak during what is traditionally a “lame duck” period for a politician. In fact, Obama is accelerating his lawlessness in his attempts to “fundamentally transform” America!

This is an incredible opportunity that patriotic Christians must take advantage of, by demanding that the GOP follow through and impeach Barack Obama!

A total of 48 criminal impeachment charges have been drafted against Obama by the North American Law Center. The charges include Usurpation of the Oval Office via Identity Fraud; Malfeasance, Misconduct and Abuse of the Oval Office; and Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States (including the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot groups Al Qaeda and ISIL).

Read the full Articles of Impeachment HERE.


Tell every Republican in Congress to support impeachment! Click HERE to take action!

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Most political pundits are now saying that it would be a bad idea to impeach Obama at this time. We could not disagree more!

The same pundits who are saying that now were claiming that the “government shutdown” to defund Obamacare in 2013 would hurt Republicans and the opposite happened! The GOP won a landslide in 2014 and took control of the Senate as a result.

Obama says he will “squeeze every last ounce of change” that he can out of the Oval Office during 2016 so it is clear that the only way to stop him is by impeaching him! Think of the damage this imperialist Muslim usurper will do to America if nothing is done to stop him now, when he is more determined than ever to enact his agenda.

Every single elected Republican will be at the RNC retreat next week when these Articles of Impeachment are considered. They need to know that there is a landslide of support for removing Obama from office on criminal charges and that YOU support this effort.

The book of 1 John 3:4 states, “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.” As Christians we cannot support sitting silently while Obama – who represents everyone in America as the head of state – continues in his lawless actions!

The arguments that “The timing is not right” or “It will hurt Republicans in the upcoming election” are utterly false. Would anyone make the same argument against an accused murderer?

Of course not!

The time for excuses from the GOP are over and they need to support and take up Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama.


Click HERE to tell the Republican Representatives & Senators from your state to impeach Obama!

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