Invoke Nuclear Option Approve Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Tell the Senate GOP to invoke the nuclear option and approve President Donald Trumps’ Supreme Court pick at before we lose our country!


The political left in America has always been insane, militant and violent. Many scholars have concluded that liberalism is a mental illness and today’s events confirm that without doubt.

But ever since a groundswell of patriotic support rose up for Donald Trump, the Democrats have failed to rein in the crazies on their side of the political aisle.

We have to face a new reality in America, which is that if you are a traditional, patriotic Trump supporter, YOU are a target of political violence in your own country.

We have to start rethinking some of the long-standing traditions in America if conservatives are going to win this fight.

One of those traditions is the filibuster in the United States Senate.

Donald Trump is about to announce his first nominee for the Supreme Court — and he will likely have to appoint several Justices before he leaves office.

We need to call on Senate Republicans to invoke the nuclear option and finally do away with the filibuster, otherwise President Trump will never be able to appoint a conservative Justice to the Supreme Court.

The New York Post has an article which I’ve linked to on today’s action page which explains that the Democrat Party is now so obstructionist – and so violently anti-Trump – that there is no possibility for the 52-vote majority Republicans to approve any nominee.

So long as the filibuster rule is in place, any Supreme Court nominee will require 60 votes for approval.

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BUT… if we can convince the Senate Republicans to invoke the nuclear option and do away with the filibuster, nominees will only require a 51-vote majority.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada invoked the nuclear option on federal court nominees, but left the filibuster in place for Supreme Court nominees.

So the Democrats opened this can of worms.

The filibuster, by the way, is not in the Constitution.

It is a Senate rule with a long-standing tradition but it is NOT federal law and it is NOT enshrined in the Constitution.

You might like the filibuster because it’s been around for a long time but we have turned a corner in America now.

The Democrat Party will watch its own supporters shoot pepper-spray into the face of a young girl at a Donald Trump rally — and the left is celebrating that violence.

Trying to fight fair against a group that is willing to pepper-spray little girls at a peaceful rally is a strategy that has failed the Republican Party for decades.

Remember: The Supreme Court with a quote-unquote “conservative majority” found that it was acceptable for the federal government to force all Americans to purchase Obamacare insurance by calling it a tax.

The GOP moderates have been trying to use the Marquess of Queensberry rules for 30 years while the Democrats are showing up to fight with brass knuckles, pepper spray and baseball bats.

It hasn’t worked.

We keep losing to these thugs because we have been unwilling to get tough with them.

Do you want to lose your country?

Then by all means, demand that the filibuster stay in place. Force Donald Trump to nominate another leftwing Supreme Court Justice who can’t tell the Constitution from a hole in the ground.

But if you want to make America great again and if you want to restore our country to a peaceful and prosperous state, we need to convince the Senate to invoke the nuclear option.

The filibuster can always be reinstated at a later date after the Democrat Party calms down again.

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But so long as they are willing to target us with political violence, we need to show them we mean business.

Donald Trump won the election and we’re going to remake the Supreme Court into a body that will respect the Constitution.

Help us make that happen!

Go to our Action Page today and speak out to the Senate. Tell the Senators to invoke the nuclear option and do away with the filibuster.

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