Jail George Soros for Funding Riots on US Soil

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George Soros paid two sides of extremists to duke it out in the streets of Charlottesville, VA in August of 2017. The goal of globalist Soros is to bankrupt America and destroy our borders by sowing chaos and then blaming everyday Americans for the violence that he causes.

But Congress plans to investigate the everyday conservatives who attended the Charlottesville riot because George Soros planted some Neo-Nazis in the crowd to cause trouble.

The House Homeland Security Committee has no plans to investigate Antifa or Black Lives Matter!

Here is the false media narrative that all mainstream news outlets are pushing about the Charlottesville riot:

“Hundreds of rabid, violent ‘Neo-Nazi Trump supporters showed up at the Unite the Right rally to protest the demolition of a Confederate statue. Thousands of peaceful antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters – who were all weeping saints and paragons of virtue – were forced to defend themselves when they were violently attacked by the Trump-supporting Neo-Nazis.”

This narrative is so false that even a child could see through it!

Here are the objective facts that anti-Trump reporters and congressmen do not want you to know:

Jason Kessler is the man who organized the Unite the Right rally in Virginia. Kessler is an admitted Obama supporter and former Occupy Wall Streeter. Kessler is NOT a conservative.

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After the election of Donald Trump, Kessler claims he suddenly became a “Trump supporter” and began spewing public racist screeds anywhere he could. Kessler is a Soros-funded actor whose job is to portray all Trump supporters as racists. Soros, as a reminder, funded Occupy Wall Street.

The police corralled the conservatives in a confined area and allowed thousands of antifa and BLM thugs to surround them – and then city leaders told the police to “stand down.” Then the antifa and BLM thugs attacked.

George Soros funds Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Soros funded the Occupy Wall Street, fake Neo-Nazi rally organizer AND he funded the thugs on the other side!

Furthermore, our researchers have pored over thousands of images of the Charlottesville riot and we have located exactly one – ONLY ONE – person carrying a Nazi flag and that person was probably a Soros plant. It is a bald-faced lie by the media to claim that there were “hundreds” of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville!

Finally, George Soros has admitted that he was a Nazi collaborator in World War II and has stated that he feels “no remorse” for committing war crimes against his fellow Jews during that time. If anyone was funding alleged Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, it would be Soros and not one of the conservative groups in attendance.

Soros even funds many of the mainstream media outlets and reporters who have filed false stories on the Charlottesville riots. We cannot allow this to stand!

Galatians 6:7 states, “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

It is time for George Soros to reap what he has sown because he has been deceiving the American public for far too long in an effort to bankrupt our nation, just as he has done in numerous other countries around the world.


Click HERE to tell Congress to lock George Soros up for financing both sides of the Charlottesville riot in August 2017.

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