John Boehner Needs to be Fired

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

01/31/2014   RINO House Speaker John Boehner has been sleeping with the enemy for far too long. Please read the following vitally important message from our good friends at the United States Justice Foundation.

I’m totally serious. The House Speaker has to go. He cares more about pleasing Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., than about standing up for the U.S. Constitution. This latest betrayal on amnesty for illegal aliens is the last straw. If enough Republicans take a public stand against John Boehner, he will have to resign as Speaker. Liberal Republicans deposed Newt Gingrich in this fashion. Now, it’s time for conservatives to take back the House, and to overthrow John Boehner.

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Remember, John Boehner personally purged a number of conservative Members of Congress from key House Committee posts in 2012. That helped him to cut the infamous back room deal with Barack Obama that raised taxes. Mr. Boehner blocked the investigation of Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious cover-up an he’s preventing a full investigation of the Benghazi terrorist attacks. This man helped sabotage last year’s effort to defund ObamaCare, he has repealed many of the “sequester” budget cuts, and he even cut a deal with Mr. Obama to slash pensions for our military heroes wounded in battle.

Boehner will do anything for his best friend Obama.

Boehner will do anything for his best friend Obama.

John Boehner has made it very clear that he despises the Tea Party and that he represents the “moderate,” pro-big government wing of the Republican Party. Just recently, he even declared in a TV interview that he sees his job as similar to that of the “gestapo,” the hated NAZI secret police. He believes that it’s his job to forcibly keep conservatives from opposing Barack Obama. Now, he and Barack Hussein Obama are working together to ram amnesty through the House of Representatives.

This man has to go. Republicans need to take a stand and remove this man from power. America needs someone who will stand up to the occupant of the White House and not lick his boots. In 2013, conservatives nearly stopped John Boehner’s re-election as House Speaker. He’s very, very unpopular. With sufficient public pressure, I’m confident that enough conservative Members of Congress will step forward to force John Boehner to resign. He may talk tough for the TV cameras, but he always gives Mr. Obama exactly what he wants and enough is enough.

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