Lois Lerner Must be Compelled to Testify

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/26/2014   In a massive effort by the Tea Party Army™, a nationwide ad is running to gather petition signatures to get congress to compel IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner to testify truthfully about her involvement in the IRS targeting of Tea Party and Conservative groups. This petition will be presented to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-C), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and other congressional leaders.

Unless enough Americans raise their voices to express their outrage about the IRS electioneering that Lerner oversaw, Congress will not compel her to testify. Read more about how Lerner conspired against Tea Party and Conservative groups here.

Lerner oversaw a campaign of intimidation against Tea Party and conservative groups in the run-up to the 2012 elections. This was carried out, according to Lerner’s emails to her staff members, in order to sway the 2012 elections in favor of Barack Obama and the Democrats.

This IRS scandal stems from the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. After the decision, Democrats knew that the ruling would level the playing field between non-profit conservative and Tea Party groups and the Big Labor unions that funnel billions of dollars to Democrat candidates in every election.

Democrat Senators Charles Schumer (NY), Al Franken (MN), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Jeff Merkley (OR), Tom Udall (NM) and Jeanne Shaheen (NH) urged the IRS to begin targeting Tea Party groups.

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Lerner complied and told her colleagues in 2011, “We need to do a c4 project next year,” referring to 501c4 Tea Party and conservative groups. She knew that her activities were illegal but willingly participated anyway. Conservative and Tea Party groups were being held up for months or years to receive their tax exempt status from the IRS.

Would there be a conservative majority in the Senate today if Lois Lerner had not carried out her campaign of IRS intimidation on behalf of the Democrats? Americans may never know, but one thing is certain, if enough Americans do not speak up, Congress will not force her to testify.

While under oath (right before she refused to testify), Lois Lerner proclaimed her innocence before the House Oversight Committee. Lerner stated, “I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations.”

Lerner lied because she did violate IRS rules and regulations by sending taxpayer information through her personal email address and not her official IRS email address. This is why she refuses to testify before Congress because she knows that she is guilty. Find out how you can help convince Congress to compel Lois Lerner to testify here.

Lois Lerner knew that her IRS lackeys were targeting Tea Party and conservative groups for additional scrutiny. She was the one who told them to do so. In spite of that fact, Lerner blamed the Tea Party groups for the abuse.

When Congress initially asked whether Tea Party groups were unfairly being targeted, Lois Lerner signed off on this official response:

“[T]he IRS contacts the organization and solicits additional information when the organization does not provide sufficient information in response to the questions on the Form 1024 or if issues are raised by the application …. The revenue agent uses sound reasoning based on tax law training and his or her experience to review the application and identify the additional information needed to make a proper determination of the organization’s exempt status.”

When a colleague wrote to Lois Lerner to inform her that Congress was finally getting serious about investigating the IRS abuse of Tea Party groups, Lerner’s response was, “We’re going to get creamed.”

Unfortunately, Lois Lerner did not get creamed and she did not even get a slap on the wrist! Twice she has refused to testify and reveal everything that she knows. So far, Congress has lacked the political will to compel her to testify.

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Congress has the authority to hold a vote and hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. If that happens, she can be jailed until she agrees to come clean.

That is where the help from American citizens comes in. Tea Party Army’s™ goal is to reach 100,000 signatures as quickly as possible so the petition can be submitted to congressional leaders.

The American people must unite to express outrage against the IRS abuse of our fellow Americans.

If you believe in justice for the victims of the IRS targeting of Tea Party and Conservative groups you can help convince congress to get Lerner to testify here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help too.

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