Modern-Day antifa KKK Wants to Lynch Conservatives

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Black-clad domestic terror groups like “antifa” are shutting down conservative speeches and events across America and they will silence our pro-freedom movement if we do not fight back.

The Daily Caller reports that these black-clad speech Nazis in groups such as “antifa” (which is an acronym for “anti-fascists”) are funded by George Soros and his organizations such as the Tides Foundation.  Antifa has shut down speeches by conservative activists, authors and researchers, and even got the Portland Rose Parade canceled this year by threatening to attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Antifa is the modern-day reincarnation of the Democrat Party’s KKK and this time the group’s aim is to lynch all conservatives.

You probably heard about Ann Coulter’s speech which was canceled in Berkeley recently. But less prominent conservative researchers are not even allowed to speak at universities because antifa and Black Lives Matter shut them down.

For example, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute tried to present her research on the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement at Claremont McKenna College and her talk was shut down — due to violent Black Lives Matter protesters!2 (BLM has also received funding from George Soros.)

We propose the following amendments to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to outlaw discrimination against anyone for their political beliefs:

1. If any mass rioting or demonstration is threatened in advance, federal funds must be triggered to PROTECT that speech or event. This includes events at universities, colleges, government buildings, public parks, public streets and other public venues.

2. Funds must be provided for legal representation for low-income Americans (such as conservative college students) who are targeted in a plot to deprive them of their free speech rights. A conservative college student who attempts to sue a publicly-funded university or a Soros-backed juggernaut stands little to no chance of remedy due to lack of funds.

3. Public universities and cities like Berkeley that coddle and encourage these terrorists lose 50% of their federal funds for a first offense and lose 100% of federal funding for a second offense. The university, city or other entity that enabled speech rights to be curtailed must pay a minimum of $5 million in damages to the conservative victim/plaintiff plus hospital and medical costs including psychiatric expenses, if any.

The blackshirts of groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter are not simply threatening your speech – they are threatening your right to exist because you do not believe their globalist, anti-freedom message!

Hitting antifa and its alleged backers in their pocketbooks is the best legal answer to shut down these enemies of America and protect YOUR speech rights.

2 Corinthians 3:12 states, “Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech.”  The literal translation of that verse reads, “We use great FREEDOM of speech.”

As Christians we support freedom of speech and we will not allow these black-clad fascist groups to shut us down. Hitting antifa and its alleged backers in their pocketbooks is the best legal answer to shut down these enemies of America and protect YOUR speech rights.


Tell the House Judiciary Committee to amend the Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination and persecution based on political ideology!



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