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Force Full Obamacare Repeal With House Discharge Petition

Click HERE to Yell at Congress NOW: https://PrayFor.US/170815_49376_p4us_pp_Obamacare_Discharge_Petition_FB/ House Freedom Caucus Files Discharge Petition To Force A Vote On CLEAN OBAMACARE REPEAL A Discharge Petition Requires NO SENATE APPROVAL RINO Speaker Paul Ryan Has Buried True Obamacare Repeal In Eight

Impeach Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood General McMaster

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood General, HR McMaster, is purging pro-America patriots from the National Security Council. McMaster was passed over for promotion for 8 years during the Bush administration but was finally promoted to Brigadier General rank by Muslim Brotherhood member Barack

No Plea Deal for Crooked Hillary – LOCK HER UP!

Hillary Clinton has been offered a plea deal. In exchange for signing a piece of paper saying she is guilty, the Justice Department will let her run away with $1 billion she collected in the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme by which

Muslim Brotherhood Data Breach Demands Terror Designation

Rep. Debbie Wasserman’s Islamic staffers HACKED Congress for the Muslim Brotherhood. Wasserman hired Imran Awan + four other Pakistani spies in 2005. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says Wasserman’s staffed hacked ALL Republicans and Democrats. The Muslim Brotherhood group which Wasserman’s staffers belong to must

Demand Special Counsel for Clinton Body Count Victim Seth Rich

Patriots must demand appointment of federal Special Counsel to take over investigation of Seth Rich – Clinton Body Count victim! DNC Employee Seth Rich gave WikiLeaks thousands of damaging emails. Murdered 12 days later. Breaking: Attorney says Rich met with Russian Attorney

Mueller’s Massive Illegal Conflicts Require Disqualification

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s massive illegal conflicts require his disqualification. GOP Congressman Trent Franks says Mueller’s decades-long friendship with former FBI Director James Comey disqualifies Mueller under federal law from investigating President Donald Trump. Plus, Mueller has assembled a team of investigators

Start the Wall Now

Visit HTTPS://StartTheWallNow.Com to help start the big, beautiful wall on our southern border that was promised by President Trump!

Republican Health Bill Serves Obamacare Masters – NO CHANGE

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s staff wrote the Obamacare Lite bill in secret with no conservatives and will be rammed through unless patriots oppose it! I call it McConnell’s bill at this point, but the bill is in fact a Reconciliation

Nunes Screams “America Chasing Russian Ghosts in Closet”

Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says Congress should stop chasing nonexistent Russian boogeymen around the closet and get some real work done for America! As Ronnie Regan said, “… the worst words anyone can hear are. ‘Hi, I’m from the government

Censure Globalist Mueller’s False Attacks on President Trump

Stupid Mueller’s globalist cadre launch nationwide #fakenews campaign to bolster Special Investigator standing to empower impeachment Stupid Mueller’s globalist cadre launch nationwide #fakenews campaign to bolster Special Investigator standing to empower impeachment Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is a globalist who was

American Laws Protect Racketeering Corruption & Blackmail

Support libel law reform so Mainstream Media cannot knowingly publish fake fews for political gain and can be sued for knowingly printing false information. Our free church Pray For US is calling on Congress to amend the libel laws so

GOP Majority Must Support President Trump Against Globalists

Both Mueller & Comey are Obama & Holder proteges all of whom now collude in globalist-driven witch hunt to bring down our nationalistic President Donald Trump If you look up the term “political swamp” in the dictionary it probably has a

America’s Survival Depends Upon Excluding Terrorist Refugees

The United Nations – dominated by a bloc of 56 Muslim countries – used its “Refugee Program” to flood America with thousands of unvetted potential terrorists. The bill is designated as HR 80, otherwise known as the Resettlement Accountability and National

GEMS Grassroots Enterprise Message System

Explainer video describing how to use the Grassroots Enterprise Message System (GEMS) invented and created by Charles Benninghoff. GEMS is a patent-pending communications powerhouse, combines email, faxing and physical delivery of documents in one system that provides users with

Make America Great Again: Eliminate Senate’s Closure Rule

Our Senate’s Closure Rule requires 60 votes to stop Democrats from haggling showboating and which is why Trump’s agenda for America is continually blocked. End closure: Start the Wall, Cut Taxes, Repeal Obamacare. Well, we have to push for a change

Paris Climate Liar Treaty Will Destroy American Sovereignty

Urge Congress to embrace Sen. Rand Paul’s Concurrent Resolution #17 that rejects the Paris Accord Climate Liar Treaty and Saves America’s Sovereignty & Economy Senator Rand Paul, Republican from Kentucky, has proposed a concurrent resolution #17 for the House and Senate

Hillary Clinton Body Count Seth Rich Chinagate Vol 4 of 10

Special Prosecutor: Bill & Hillary Chinagate fundraiser Johnny Chung taped a secret confession in fear he would be added to the Clinton Body Count. The subject came up again last year when three people suddenly died after the DNC emails were

Charles Benninghoff: Wasserman Continues Seth Rich Coverup

Disgraced Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) threatens DC cop to protect Clinton Crime Family’s Muslim Brotherhood World’s Biggest Hack Disgraced Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) threatens DC cop to protect Clinton Crime Family’s Muslim Brotherhood World’s Biggest Hack Now, let’s talk about the World’s

Charles Benninghoff: Clintons Join Muslim Brotherhood to Spy on US

Demand a special prosecutor after the Muslim Brotherhood hacked Democrat computers and stole their Weiner-style pics for Hillary Clinton to blackmail Congress. The biggest hack no one else is reporting stole ALL classified data from the Dems’ computers and it

Charles Benninghoff: Bust up Gobalist Ninth Circuit Appeals Court

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is off-the-charts insanely filled with anti-American globalists seeking Trump’s destruction BUT HR 1598 will put it out of business. Most of the states that are in the Ninth Circuit’s jurisdiction actually support breaking up this “circuit” and

Charles Benninghoff: America Needs Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban

America needs a federal version of Texas’ sanctuary city ban so globalist police chiefs & sheriffs who harbor illegal alien felons can be booted from office! The state legislature in Texas passed a bill to ban sanctuary cities and Governor Greg

Modern-Day antifa KKK Wants to Lynch Conservatives

antifa george soros donald trump second amendment

Black-clad domestic terror groups like “antifa” are shutting down conservative speeches and events across America and they will silence our pro-freedom movement if we do not fight back. The Daily Caller reports that these black-clad speech Nazis in groups such as “antifa” (which is an acronym for “anti-fascists”) are funded by George Soros and his… Read more

Globalist Bill to Replace All American Workers

Foreign Workers Replace Americans Second Amendment Donald Trump Immigration

All American workers can eventually be replaced by welfare-dependent, minimum-wage foreign workers under a new bill proposed by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO).  The bill is called the “State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program Act” and Rep. Buck is too scared to publicly release it until he gathers enough co-sponsors.  You can… Read more