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Welcome! You likely found this page from our YouTube channel.  You can use the form to the right to sign up to receive email newsletters from Pray For US – Pray For the United States. We send out daily Action Plans to newsletter subscribers and regularly offer totally FREE campaigns (we call them FREEBIs) that allow low-income Americans to directly engage with our elected Representatives and Senators in Congress. Our efforts are only made possible by the grace of God and the generous contributions of like-minded patriots across America who do not wish to see our birthright — the Christian nation of America — traded away for a bowl of red pottage (Genesis 25:34).

The forces of globalism are actively plotting to destroy America from within and without. Pray For US is a patriotic church defending faith, family and flag from these forces. Our newsletters contain cutting-edge information, heavily researched and vetted, that is often days or even weeks ahead of the slower news cycle. You’ll be ahead of the curve and up-to-date on the issues that matter most to conservative Americans.

Remember, faith without works is dead! (James 2:17)  Put your faith into action today and sign up for our newsletters. There is no cost to join. There is also no obligation to participate in every campaign newsletter that we send to you. When thousands of like-minded patriots raise their voices at the same time, the politicians listen and we are making a difference. You can be a great help to America by praying for her and simply forwarding our email messages to others who share our beliefs.

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