No Christians Allowed

Obama denies travel visas to Middle East Christians

The official policy of the Obama regime appears to now restrict all travel visas to the United States for Christians, while rapidly accelerating the entrance of Muslims and potential jihadi terrorists into the USA. A Catholic nun from Iraq, Diana Momenka, attempted to travel to America to talk about the persecuted Christian minorities in her home country. The Obama regime denied her a travel visa.

Pray For us has previously brought attention to the fact that Obama is detaining Christian refugees from the Middle East and deporting them back to their home countries where they will be executed by ISIS. Now it appears that, as presidential candidate Donald Trump has stated, it is nearly impossible for persecuted Christians from the Middle East to come to America as refugees seeking asylum.

“Sister Diana represents tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians, forced to convert or die or flee their homes. She’ll tell us the truth about what’s happening,” says U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) “Like thousands of other Christians in the region, Sister Diana is a victim of ISIS. It appears the State Department has chosen to continue to largely ignore the persecution of Christians at the hands of ISIS.”

Sister Diana was the only Iraqi Christian in her group whose visa was denied. The other members of her group were Shia Muslims and Yazidis and their visas were all approved according the Catholic News Agency!

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This is especially maddening when you consider Obama’s plans to admit 15,000 Syrian Muslims into America in FY 2016 and plans have been announced to bring in up to 40,000 Syrians just as Obama is leaving office in FY 2017. The Anglican church has reported that the Obama State Department says it will not accept Christian refugees — even if private Christian donors pay all associated costs for their relocation and support. The State Dept. told the Anglican church there is “no way they will be accepted because of their religious affiliation.”

For the jihadi ISIS members posing as refugees, however, Obama’s policy appears to be “Come on in!”

This anti-Christian policy has even impacted one of our staff members in Pray For US. His brother-in-law, a Christian from Nigeria, was denied a 3-day travel visa to come to the U.S. in 2014 in order to attend his own wedding. Do you believe for one second that the Obama administration extend the same level of contempt to a Muslim from Nigeria?


Click HERE to tell the House Homeland Security Committee to reverse Obama’s disastrous “No Christians Allowed” policy!”


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