No Plea Deal for Crooked Hillary – LOCK HER UP!

Hillary Clinton has been offered a plea deal.

In exchange for signing a piece of paper saying she is guilty, the Justice Department will let her run away with $1 billion she collected in the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme by which foreign dictators paid astronomical speaking fees to Bill Clinton in exchange for State Department favors.

In addition, Crooked Hillary will face no charges for her Treason Server even though everyday Americans would go to prison for years for a much lesser security crime.

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Not good enough!

America Demands that the Trump administration Lock Her Up!
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  1. sally fama

    On Aug 25, 2017

    I do not understand why Hillary Clinton can walk away from her crimes, when any other citizen would be sent to prison. She belongs in prison. We call for punishment when someone commits a crime, no matter who that person is. Serving in government doesn’t exempt you. If she doesn’t spend time in prison, she should pay some kind of retribution for her crimes. I, for one, think she should go to jail just for her failure to at least TRY to save our brave men in Benghazi. That was worse than any monetary theft in my opinion.