Non-Profit Seeks End to Obama

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

03/28/2014   United States Justice Foundation continues their battle challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States of America.

Many people who oppose Obama and his ridiculous policies want to impeach him but USJF does not.

USJF argues that impeaching this Obama will not undo all of his illegal orders or reverse all the damage that Obama’s Marxist policies have done to America. Read more about USJF’s fight to beat Barack in court here.

Simply removing Obama from office will still let every one of his illegal and unconstitutional policies to stand. That is the very reason why USJF is fighting to prove that Obama is not eligible to serve as President and that everything that he has done since 2009 is illegal and invalid.

Right now, United States Justice Foundation is in court in two cases arguing that the State of California did not enforce its own election laws, and certify that Barack Obama was eligible to run for and serve as President.

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These two court cases have the power to overturn and rescind all 55 electoral votes that Obama stole from California in November 2012. These cases, therefore, have the potential to oust Barack Obama from the White House.

Already, Obama and his allies have spent over $2 million in private funds, and untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money, trying to defeat USJF, and their allies, in court to hide his past. They know how dangerous these lawsuits are. Find out how you can help USJF finally bring justice to the United States of America here.

They know that Barack Obama could never truly prove that he was eligible for the Presidency. They know that California’s liberal Secretary of State deliberately covered up this fraud on the American people for him, and refused to enforce the law requiring that she verify the eligibility of all candidates for office, including for the Office of President of the United States.

If USJF wins one or both of these cases, not only will the usurper-in-chief be removed from office, his entire false “Presidency” will be invalidated.

That would mean no more ObamaCare, no more stimulus spending, no more illegal executive orders, no more radical “Czars,” or other appointments. These court cases could literally save America.

USJF is a small citizen-run, non-profit, legal group. They receive no government funding, or big grants from left-wing foundations, as so many liberal groups do. However, USJF is the only organization with the skills, the resources, and the courage to take these cases as far as they have.

United States Justice Foundation has been battling Obama in court since 2008 and it has been in operation since 1989. This long legal fight is now at a critical point. Since USJF is a small non-profit legal group, they rely on the generosity of the American people to help bring justice when needed.

They need to fund hours and hours of legal research and prepare hundreds of pages of legal briefs. They must also pay for investigators and expert witnesses, as well as for filing fees and printing costs for pleadings.

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Thankfully, the American people are now finally beginning to turn on Barack Obama and this is America’s chance to end the Obama regime and rescue America.

These lawsuits are just about the only way to undo all of the damage that Obama has done to this great country.

If you are against Obama and his illegitimate Presidency and want the person who is running this country to serve under fair and just means, you can help USJF win these cases here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help too.

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