Now Is The Time To Block Syrian Refugees

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The time is finally at hand to put a stop to the Obama administration’s insistence that America must bring in hundreds of thousands of unvetted potential terrorists straight from the battlefield in civil war-torn Syria. The federal government runs out of money on March 15 so the GOP is currently setting spending priorities for the rest of 2017. We must convince the House to ban all funds that would be spent to bring in refugees or to issue immigration visas to people from the seven terrorism-sponsoring countries listed in President Donald Trump’s protection order. Obama’s federal judges cannot block spending bills!

President Trump issued an executive order in early February that banned travel to the United States from seven countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

As you know, an Obama-appointed judge in Seattle blocked that legal protection order.

We are calling on Congress to implement this ban by law.

There is NOTHING controversial about this travel ban because Congress listed these seven countries as extreme terrorism threats in 2015. Obama even signed it into federal law in the Terrorist Prevention Act, which is 8 USC 1187(a)(12).1

These Islamic pseudo-refugees are not coming to America because they love our Constitution or because they want to pursue the American dream.

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They are coming to conquer. They want to impose Sharia law and usher America into the worldwide Islamic Caliphate. It really is that simple!

The Muslim-controlled United Nations is only selecting fighting-aged Islamic warriors to come into America from these countries as “refugees.”

These people are an extreme terrorism threat to the United States and President Trump is simply working to protect Americans from that threat.

This is why we must convince Congress to ban funding to bring any more of these people in. The protection order is then a matter of law and cannot simply be overturned by a judge without blocking major sections of the budget!

Obama’s flood of Islamic refugees are a plot to erase America’s borders and destroy our sovereignty as a nation. Yet throughout the Bible, we see that borders are a part of God’s plan for the nations.

Moses and the Israelites asked the king of Edom in Numbers 20:14-21 if they could travel through his nation. When the king said, “You may not pass,” God’s people respected the national borders and went away.

Obama and the globalists will destroy our borders if we let them. We can stop the flood of terrorist pseudo-refugees into the country if we all speak out.


Click HERE to send Personal Letters to Congress in support of defunding the Obama administration’s terrorist refugee infiltration program.

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