Nunes Screams “America Chasing Russian Ghosts in Closet”

Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says Congress should stop chasing nonexistent Russian boogeymen around the closet and get some real work done for America!

As Ronnie Regan said, “… the worst words anyone can hear are. ‘Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you…’”

Now, turning to our message for today:

Our church is calling for an end to the entire phony Russian investigation which is wasting taxpayer money and valuable time that could instead be spent Making America Great Again.

Are you suffering from “Russian hacker” fatigue?

I’ll bet that we are all getting tired of the delusional fantasies of the globalist Democrats who are still holding out hope that somehow, some way… the Russian hacker who stole the election for Donald Trump will be found with the smoking gun in his hand and then Hillary Clinton will be crowned “Queen of America”.

Here is where that Russian hacker CAN be found: Hillary Clinton’s bathroom closet right next to her illegal private email server.”

The Obama administration and the globalists set up the most elaborate and sophisticated digital spying network that the world has ever known.

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They spied on everything that happens on every device that is connected to the internet in every country on earth.

But after a year of illegally wiretapping Donald Trump, that Deep State spying apparatus has not produced a single shred of evidence that the President did anything wrong.

But that doesn’t stop the globalist Democrats from being world-class jerks, showboating and making up new allegations every day and dragging the fake investigation out as long as possible.

Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told Congress that the DNC would not cooperate when asked to help with the hack investigation.

Federal agents never got to see the DNC servers.

I think we can all guess why: The DNC already knew that its emails had been LEAKED and not HACKED.

DNC staffer Seth Rich has been identified as the leak and as we all know, he was shot in the back in an unsolved murder in Washington, DC just days after Wikileaks published the DNC emails provided by Rich.

I think the DNC wanted to wipe those servers with Hillary Clinton’s Bleach Bit software before any law enforcement looked at it in case they had any incriminating emails about Seth Rich’s murder on them.

Maybe if our intelligence agencies were doing their jobs instead of chasing Russian ghosts around the closet, they would been able to prevent a Muslim terrorist from stabbing a police officer in the throat at a Michigan airport just yesterday.

Maybe if the intel community was doing its real job, it could have stopped a rabid Democrat from shooting up the Republican baseball practice the other day!

And in the meantime, by playing along with the Democrats and allowing them to continue their phony Russia investigations, the GOP is delaying tax cuts, the Obamacare repeal, starting the wall and a host of other policies that would make America great again.

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Let’s shut down the fake Russia witch hunts and get to work!

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