Obama Allowing Terrorists into the U.S.

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/19/2014   Please consider the vitally important message below from our friends at the United States Justice Foundation.  Unless we, the people, join together to fight the Obama administration it will win in its efforts to destroy forever the America we know and love.

Barack Obama just announced that he will allow individuals with ties to terrorists groups to enter the U.S. This new directive is part of his campaign to completely bypass Congress, and to impose new immigration rules by Presidential decree.

Mr. Obama’s new rule specifically allows people who have provided “limited material support” to anti-American terrorists to enter America. That means lower ranking members of Al Qaeda and/or the Muslim Brotherhood may now travel to the U.S.

Barack Obama’s goal is to appease terrorist groups and their sponsoring countries. He wants the electoral votes of Muslims already in the United States and he wants to completely abolish all of our nation’s immigration laws.

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Only the House Judiciary Committee can stop Mr. Obama now and its Chairman, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, is outraged. He needs massive grassroots support to overturn this illegal edict, and to stop Barack Hussein Obama’s plans.

This new rule seems completely insane. What American politician would willingly allow terrorists, and their supporters, into this country? The answer to that question is Barack Hussein Obama. He hates our country, he despises Israel and he loves the Muslim Brotherhood. What would you expect from someone who attended an Islamic school as a child? He has never even provided a complete accounting of his past.

Americans do not want any terrorists in the U.S.

Americans do not want any terrorists in the U.S.

Now, this self-appointed dictator is single-handedly tearing up our nation’s immigration laws and allowing our enemies to strike us at home. Hate-America terrorists could soon be pouring into this country from all over the world and if Mr. Obama can unilaterally allow members of Al Qaeda to enter America, he can allow anyone else in anytime he wants.

This new immigration policy isn’t simply an attempt to appease our enemies, it is a test. A test of the resolve of Congress and of the American people. Barack Obama is testing us all to see how far that we will allow him to go and we must not let him get away with this insanity.

No other organization that I know of is fighting this Obama edict. USJF is taking the lead, as it has so many times before.

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Just imagine if Al Qaeda bomb makers are allowed to freely enter the U.S. and set up operations in Kansas, or Texas, or Florida. Barack Hussein Obama is going to turn the American heartland, and our cities, into war zones!

Stop this foolish policy and tell Congress to act now.

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