Obama-Hagel Military Cuts

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/25/2014   Obama and his Israel-hating Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel are all but negotiating America’s surrender to communist China through a massive announced reduction of the US military.

This insane plot to reduce our troop size and strength is being carried out while communist China is running articles in State-run newspapers that war with America is “inevitable.” Obama and Hagel are placing our entire country in danger by weakening us in the face of a rising threat when instead we should be bulking up America’s defense.

Hagel and Obama plan to reduce the Pentagon’s budget and slash the US Army to only 440,000 soldiers. We haven’t had a military that small in size since before World War 2. In fact, the reason why America got off to such a disastrous start in World War 2 was because our military was not ready for that conflict.

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ChiComs are planning to recapture Taiwan and parts of Tibet, along with Mongolia and even some of the Japanese islands. We could be forced into a full-scale war with China just because of our treaty obligations with many of these oceanic nations.

China announces war with America "Inevitable."

China announces war with America “Inevitable.”

Obama’s response to this is to gut our military, which will embolden China at a time when we should instead be increasing the size and strength of our military. Just as we were not ready for World War 2, Obama and Hagel will have us unprepared for war with China or any other major world power. The Obama-Hagel plan would also send a fleet of fighter jets to the scrap-heap. This foolish plan puts us all in danger because the ChiComs will be able to practically march onto U.S. soil if they want to.

Obama wants you to believe that we are too broke to maintain our military at current levels. The truth is that we could do that and much more if Obama would stop handing over $50,000 a year in welfare benefits to every illegal alien who manages to sneak across our borders.

Proverbs 22:3 tells us, “The wise man sees evil approaching, and takes precautions; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

Rather than taking precautions against the growing threats against America, Obama is blindly rushing to destroy our defensive capabilities. Every man, woman and child in America is endangered by this senseless policy.

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