Obama Hamstrung a Jihadi Investigation

San Bernardino attacks jihadis DHS investigation

Barack Obama shut down a 2012 DHS investigation that could have prevented the 2015 San Bernardino jihadi attacks that left 14 dead and 26 wounded. This is according to former DHS investigator Philip Haney, who spoke to Fox News about the fact that Barack Obama is more concerned about the civil rights of jihadis than he is about the LIVES of American citizens.

Philip Haney worked for the Department of Homeland Security for 13 years. Mr. Haney was investigating terror cells operating out of the San Bernardino mosque that was attended by Syed Farook in 2012. Farook is the man who along with his jihadi mail-order bride (and possibly others) murdered his co-workers on Dec. 2, 2015.

Here is Mr. Haney’s explanation on Fox News, describing how Barack Obama shut down his investigation and in fact ordered the DHS to stop conducting any investigations of mosques in the United States:


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Instead of focusing on the oxymoron of Islamic terrorism carried out by immigrants and refugees, Obama has federal law enforcement agencies investigating Christians, Tea Partiers, veterans, people who have read the Constitution and others.

The official Obama administration policy that shut down Philip Haney’s investigation of Syed Farook’s mosque is known as “Countering Violent Extremism.” This is yet another Obama regime policy that SOUNDS LIKE it is targeting jihadis but is in fact being used against everyday Americans. Under Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), federal law enforcement officers are urged to consider Americans who pay for their groceries with cash (instead of a traceable debit or credit card) to be potential violent extremists.

According to former counterintelligence officer Steven Coughlin, the CVE protocols were written in cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood members who work at the White House. Under the CVE policy, federal law enforcement is not allowed to investigate Muslims due to their religious background, mosques are completely off-limits for investigations and all federal enforcement training manuals have been scrubbed of references to Islam.

Instead of focusing on the real threat – jihadi immigrants and refugees coming to America in record numbers – Obama has federal officers focusing on YOU as a potential threat.


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