Obama Ignores Amnesty Court Order

A federal judge in Texas granted America an injunction against the Obama regime, when the judge ordered Obama to stop his executive actions on amnesty for illegal aliens until a lawsuit filed by 25 states could proceed. So far, Obama has been spending the taxpayers’ money to hand out Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, voter registration forms (with the box next to ‘Democrat’ helpfully checked in advance), and tax refunds amounting to $24,000 to illegal aliens who have been lining up to receive benefits from you.

Conservatives hailed the decision by the judge in Texas as a massive victory over Obama, but we predicted that it would be short-lived. In fact, Obama is already ignoring the court order!

According to National Review, Customs and Border Patrol is continuing its “catch and release” program along the US border as if nothing ever happened. The judge’s decision to halt Obama’s actions came down on February 16th. On February 18th, Border Patrol agents received an email from on high stating that the order against Obama does not apply to border patrol operations!

So while Obama may have stopped handing out driver’s licenses and work permits to illegals (actually, we will believe that when we see it), Border Patrol agents have been ordered to continue NOT doing their jobs.

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Read the full story on Obama brazenly ignoring a court order here.

Meanwhile, the battle to de-fund amnesty continues. HR 240 passed in the House of Representatives easily, but has been filibustered by the Democrats so far. This bill fully funds Department of Homeland Security operations while stripping out funds to pay for Obama’s amnesty. The DHS runs out of funding on February 27, 2015 unless the bill is passed and signed by Obama.

Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is already crafting a surrender. According to The Hill, Senate Republicans are considering a new “strategy” to get HR 240 to pass: Namely, by stripping out the offensive language that de-funds amnesty and sending a pro-amnesty funding bill to Obama. Who taught these people how to fight? Oh, yes, we forgot. Mitch McConnell supports Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens and never had any intention of de-funding it. Read more here.

The only way forward is to pass HR 240 as is, with the amnesty defunding language still in it. Obama will ignore any court order handed down, so the only way we can truly stop amnesty is if the Republican majority does what the American people elected them to do: Stop Obama! In this case, that means defunding amnesty.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) put it eloquently when he said this:  “We cannot and must not establish the precedent that we will fund illegal actions on the hope that another branch of government will intervene and strike down that illegal action at some later point.”

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Sessions is right. That is no way to lead and the American people expect better from the Republican majority we elected.

Take action today! Tell the Senate to pass HR 240 as is and de-fund Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens. Click HERE to do so.

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