Obama Impoverishes America

Following the whipping that the Democrat Party took in the 2014 elections, Obama is off to Asia to try to give more American jobs away and destroy our currency. Obama attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Beijing and by all accounts, it looks like he has used his typical anti-American strategy to push Russia and China into a closer alliance with each other.

Headlines have not been kind. Yahoo Finance labeled the meetings, “China Wins, U.S. Loses at APEC.” Even some of the liberal media are finally giving up on the “hope and change” that Imam Obama promised in 2008.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

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China and Russia expand their partnership: Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned oil company, inked its second major gas deal with China this year. Separately, Russia’s state run bank Sberbank secured about $2 billion in financing from Chinese lenders, which will help ease the pain of Western sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime. The deals give Russia additional leverage with Europe, which is highly dependent on Russia’s natural gas and helps China secure a major source of energy on favorable terms. President Obama’s rhetoric about ‘pivoting’ toward China and the obvious tension between the U.S. and Putin’s regime have helped push the Chinese and Russians closer in a classic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation.

When will Democrats learn that economic policies have consequences and reactions? (Rhetorical question.) Did Obama truly believe that his toothless economic sanctions against Russia would simply cause the Russian people to lie to down and take a loss?

Obama has pushed Russia into a corner and forced Vladimir Putin to react… and Putin has done so, just as anyone would, to any economic change. If you receive a pay cut and are unable to pay all of your household bills, do you cry and curl up in the corner? Or do you look for a part-time job to fill in that economic gap? Nations and people react to negative economic stimuli.

Putin has now strengthened the ties between his nation and China. This has the effect of weakening the US dollar as the world reserve currency and harms ALL American workers and families. But then, that has been the stated goal of Obama from day one in office. Remember, Obama campaigned for the White House back in 2008 on a promise that energy prices (gasoline, heat, electricity) would “necessary skyrocket under my plan.” Obama has one play in his playbook and it is this: Weaken and destroy America via any means possible, in order to harm the ‘privileged’ nation in favor of the Third World Muslim thugs who Obama loves so much more than his own country.

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On a side note, Obama has one other objective on this current trip to Asia. He plans to put pressure on Myanmar’s government, which is currently working to expel a violent Muslim minority from within its borders. Once again, Obama acting on the side of Islam anywhere and any way that he can.

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