Obamacare is Killing American Employment

Now that the Obama regime has given Congress a reprieve from Obamacare, the federal government can get back to the business of pretending that the health care act is not bankrupting America. Unfortunately, even the mainstream liberal media is starting to realize that Obamacare is, in fact, a “train wreck” as one of the primary authors of the Affordable Care Act (Sen. Max Baucus, D-MT) recently stated.

NBC News did a survey of small businesses from across the country and found that “nearly all” of them were planning to cut workers down to a 29-hour work week to avoid the crippling costs of Obamacare:

“NBC News spoke with almost 20 small businesses and other entities from Maine to California, and almost all said that because of the new law they’d be cutting back hours for some employees.”

Obamacare is unraveling at the seams! It is crashing at takeoff before it has even been fully implemented, which is why we must continue to push for a repeal of this terrible “law.”

The same news investigation found that colleges are reducing the hours of part-time faculty in order avoid paying Obamacare benefits for professors. 250 faculty members at St. Petersburg College in Florida, for example, have had their hours reduced for the coming school year.

It is outrageous that the Obama regime had a federal bureaucracy invent a loophole that exempts Congress (and the thousands of federal employees who work for members of Congress) from Obamacare. But these hypocrites who want to force the rest of us to pay for their health care while not living under the law are not the only ones who want an exemption.

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According to FedSmith.com, only 2.8 percent of federal employees want to participate in Obamacare.  92.3 percent of federal employees (current and retired) say that they would rather continue with their current health plans, rather than be forced into the Obamacare exchanges or Medicare. Federal workers want to be exempt from Obamacare, just as Congress Members and Senators are now.


The time to fully de-fund and abolish Obamacare is NOW!  Please click HERE to contact the House and Senate today and tell them to cut off funding for Obamacare.


Obama’s talking puppets claim that the real-world examples of small business owners, grocery store and big box chains, colleges and universities which are reducing employee hours because of Obamacare are simply “anecdotal.”  The 1.2 million-member United Food and Commercial Workers union disagrees – and this labor union was a big fan of Obamacare originally.

The president of the union disagrees with Obama now and says, “Wait a year. You’ll see tremendous impact as workers have their hours reduced and their incomes reduced. The facts are already starting to show up.”

And the National Center for Public Policy Research has found yet another fatal flaw in Obamacare. Young people aged 18-34 will save money by NOT purchasing insurance through the Obamacare exchanges next year and simply paying the fine. The ruling elites are COUNTING ON that demographic joining the exchanges in order to offset costs of older, sicker people who are forced into Obamacare.

If 4 million young Americans choose the cheaper option ($500 to $1,000 a year cheaper) by refusing to participate in Obamacare, costs will quickly spiral even further out of control. Insurers will be forbidden to turn people down for prior illnesses starting next year, so if the young and healthy class doesn’t sign up for the exchanges, the costs for health insurance will skyrocket for everyone else.

Obamacare is an absolute MESS. Like Moses, Americans of faith must stand up to the Pharaohs of our day and state, “Let our people go!” The ruling class wants us to labor in slavery under Obamacare while exempting themselves from the same law.

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If the Obama regime remains true to form, they will soon grant Obamacare exemptions to Big Labor and to college professors. They are firm Obama supporters, after all.


Obamacare is an unaffordable, unfair and unjust tax on the American people. To demand that Congress de-fund Obamacare completely, please CLICK HERE.


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