Obama’s Bullet-Buying Spree

By: Charles Benninghoff, Founder

02/13/2014   Obama’s Department of Homeland Security just announced another massive purchase of bullets. A purchase of 75.1 million rounds has been added to the 2 billion rounds they’ve already stockpiled to use against Americans.

The store shelves are still bare when a private citizen like you tries to purchase ammo (and the prices are through the roof when you can even find it). This is proof that Obama is silently disarming all American citizens through this tactic. The AMMO Act (S. 843/H.R. 1764) would cap the amount of bullets that the federal government can buy at pre-Obama levels.

Forbes magazine says Obama’s bullet-buying spree is an intentional move to restrict your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Pray For US agrees because if you can’t find bullets, a firearm is no better than a golf club for personal defense.

The Department of Homeland Security is not supposed to be a branch of the military. However this agency, under Obama’s watch, has stockpiled enough bullets to fight a full-scale war that could last for several years. Even agencies that have no law enforcement purpose have been stockpiling bullets under Obama, like the Library of Congress and the US Postal Service.

Obama’s federal army is using any and every excuse in the book to choke off the supply of ammunition for civilians like you. To make things worse, your tax dollars are paying for this stealthy disarmament scheme.

Hollow Point Bullets: not to be used in warfare or on people, yet Obama buys billions.

Hollow Point Bullets: not to be used in warfare or on people, yet Obama buys billions.

A recent purchase made by the DHS includes more than 141,000 rounds of .308-caliber sniper ammo. Also, in previous years, Obama’s federal army has purchased close to a billion rounds of hollow-point bullets. No one uses hollow points for target practice, contrary to Obama’s claims, and these rounds aren’t even legal to use in warfare. Nonetheless apparently Obama thinks they’re okay to use against you and your family.

Don’t forget, it was Obama’s DHS storm-troopers who ordered practice targets last year which included images of children on playgrounds, little old ladies in their bathrobes and pregnant women.

The Second Amendment says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This includes infringing that right by rendering firearms inoperable through Obama’s crazy bullet-buying binge.

Obama’s strategy is pure evil. He is making firearms ownership nearly impossible for Americans who can’t afford to purchase the limited supply of bullets that are left.

As Christians we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but are called to rebuke them (as the Bible tells in Ephesians 5:11).

Obama’s stockpile of bullets keeps getting bigger every time we turn around. He’s getting ready for something and it most likely is not good for Americans like you and me.

We have to convince Congress to cut off Obama’s bullet-buying spree and warn others about what Obama is doing by sending them a copy of this link:

Pass the AMMO Act

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