Obama’s Coup Against the Military

Obama has been firing top generals at an unprecedented rate for the past year, often under specious circumstances. Dozens of generals and admirals have now been fired and replaced by Obama’s hand-picked goons. Reports indicate that many of these generals failed Obama’s new “litmus test;” in other words, when asked whether they would be willing to fire on and kill American citizens, these generals said, “No” and lost their jobs.

Hussein Obama stated on the campaign trail back in 2008 that he wanted a civilian army that is “just as powerful, just as well-funded” as the US military. Congress has refused to give Obama his private army so he is remaking the current military in his own image. There has never been a string of firings in the U.S. military that is as intense as what Obama has been doing this year.


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Obama has fired the top two commanders in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal this month, under suspicious circumstances. Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, USN, was the number two commander in charge of America’s nukes. He was “allegedly” fired on October 9th, supposedly for using counterfeit poker chips. Major General Michael Carry, USAF, was in charge of three of the country’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile wings. Carry was fired on October 11th for “personal misbehavior.”

The issue becomes very complex from this point. Allow us to connect a few of the dots, as well as we are able.

In September, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a bizarre announcement that South Carolina would be hit by a nuclear terrorist attack unless America invaded Syria on behalf of Obama. Around that same time, a leaked document that was provided by Storyleak.com and reported on by InfoWars.com indicated that nuclear weapons were being secretly transported from Dyess Air Force Base to South Carolina.

The Daily Mail in London reported weeks later that Admiral Giardina was actually fired on September 3rd, the day that the leaked nuclear information was reported on, and that General Carry was fired while on an unspecified Temporary Duty Assignment. Further complicating matters is the fact that an “earthquake” occurred on October 8th some 600 miles off the coast of South Carolina. Multiple geologists have speculated that this earth quake did not display the normal characteristics of an earthquake, but more closely resembled the shockwave that is displayed by a nuclear explosion. Many have speculated that Obama was attempting a false flag attack on the US in order to push us into a war with Syria and that the generals involved in the transfer of weapons refused to cooperate (and were subsequently fired).

In all, Obama has fired 23 generals and admirals in 2013, the most in a single year of any war-time or peace-time administration that our research was able to find. In addition to General Carry and Admiral Giardina, Obama fired two Marine Corps generals in Afghanistan and four Army generals in 2013. He has also fired a total of 16 Navy admirals this year.

Obama is firing honorable, trustworthy and patriotic men who don’t agree with him politically or otherwise – and replacing them with his own hard-left zealots who will follow his orders unquestioningly. He doesn’t want generals who will protect and serve America. He wants military leaders who will be willing to kick in our doors with machine guns at the ready to invade our homes without search warrants, just as he did in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.


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